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K2 6 Speed Ski Pole

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K2 6 Speed Ski Pole

K2 built the top-of-the-line 6 Speed Ski Pole for hardcore riders who need style, strength, and light weight. K2 applied twelve strings of lightweight, strong carbon fiber to the length of the 6 Speed's durable composite shaft. The clan at K2 know style matters even in poles so they gave this performance ski pole a chrome and leather grip, redesigned this season for improved handling. They even included two different baskets for soft or hard snow performance.

Recommended UseSkiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Shaft MaterialCarbon fiber, fiberglass, composite
Grip MaterialLeather, chrome
Replaceable BasketsYes
Baskets2 Pair (1 for hard conditions, 1 for soft)
Breakaway StrapsNo
Tip Material
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S081402148, Color: Black, Size: 48S081402148714636217700
Style: S081402246, Color: Red, Size: 46S081402246714636217755
Style: S081402350, Color: White, Size: 50S081402350714636217830
Style: S081402346, Color: White, Size: 46S081402346714636217816
Style: S081402150, Color: Black, Size: 50S081402150714636217717
Style: S081402248, Color: Red, Size: 48S081402248714636217762
Style: S081402344, Color: White, Size: 44S081402344714636217809
Style: S081402352, Color: White, Size: 52S081402352714636217847
Style: S081402152, Color: Black, Size: 52S081402152714636217724
Style: S081402250, Color: Red, Size: 50S081402250714636217779
Style: S081402244, Color: Red, Size: 44S081402244714636217748
Style: S081402252, Color: Red, Size: 52S081402252714636217786
Style: S081402254, Color: Red, Size: 54S081402254714636217793
Style: S081402354, Color: White, Size: 54S081402354714636217854
Style: S081402144, Color: Black, Size: 44S081402144714636217687
Style: S081402154, Color: Black, Size: 54S081402154714636217731
Style: S081402348, Color: White, Size: 48S081402348714636217823
Style: S081402146, Color: Black, Size: 46S081402146714636217694