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K2 6 Karat Ski Pole


Pros: functions well, looks great

Cons: people walking off with a hot item

Got these as an end of season sale, so the price was greatly reduced.  The grip is fit for women's hands and it fits PERFECTLY. The hoops for your hands to go through are just the right size, and they are pretty schnazzy looking if I say so myself.  Compact, lightweight, but definetly watch for theft! They are very eye catching.

K2 6 Karat Ski Pole

Ohhhh, momma, I'm in fear for my life. The K2 6 Karat Ski Poles are so hot in looks and performance they could easily start an early spring, or possibly a riot. Hot because they use K2's lightest, strongest Exo12 carbon-wrap composite shaft construction, and even hotter thanks to jewel-encrusted, chrome-accented leather grips. Grips, by the way, sized specifically for a lady's hands, so you can grab the 6 Karats and rip with style, grace, and all-day comfort.

Recommended UseSkiing, all-mountain
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Shaft MaterialCarbon fiber over composite
Grip MaterialLeather, chrome, faux gemstones
Replaceable BasketsYes
Baskets2 Pair, soft and hard snow
Breakaway Straps
Tip Material
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S081407144, Color: Black, Size: 44S081407144714636218486
Style: S081407240, Color: Red, Size: 40S081407240714636218523
Style: S081407246, Color: Red, Size: 46S081407246714636218554
Style: S081407140, Color: Black, Size: 40S081407140766525121346
Style: S081407248, Color: Red, Size: 48S081407248714636218561
Style: S081407146, Color: Black, Size: 46S081407146714636218493
Style: S081407242, Color: Red, Size: 42S081407242714636218530
Style: S081407244, Color: Red, Size: 44S081407244714636218547
Style: S081407250, Color: Red, Size: 50S081407250714636218578
Style: S081407148, Color: Black, Size: 48S081407148714636218509
Style: S081407150, Color: Black, Size: 50S081407150714636218516
Style: S081407142, Color: Black, Size: 42S081407142766525121353