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K2 4 Speed Ski Pole

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K2 4 Speed Ski Pole

You want ski poles that'll last but not swallow your ski-pass savings. Grab the K2 4 Speed Ski Poles. K2 made these snow-stabbers with a durable composite synthetic fiberglass that holds up to your smooth or aggressive ski style. Rubber and chrome grips on the 4 Speed Poles provide good hand holds and hubcap-shine style. Hard Snow Baskets have a sleek, aerodynamic shape that loves both hardpack and pow dustings.

Recommended UseSkiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Shaft MaterialComposite synthetic fiberglass
Grip MaterialRubber, chrome details
Baskets1 Pair
Breakaway StrapsNo
Replaceable Baskets
Tip Material
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: S071402144, Color: Black, Size: 44S071402144
Style: S071402148, Color: Black, Size: 48S071402148714636112999
Style: S071402244, Color: Silver, Size: 44S071402244714636113033
Style: S071402254, Color: Silver, Size: 54S071402254714636113088
Style: S071402154, Color: Black, Size: 54S071402154714636113026
Style: S071402348, Color: Red, Size: 48S071402348714636158508
Style: S071402350, Color: Red, Size: 50S071402350714636158515
Style: S071402248, Color: Silver, Size: 48S071402248714636113057
Style: S071402152, Color: Black, Size: 52S071402152
Style: S071402250, Color: Silver, Size: 50S071402250714636113064
Style: S071402252, Color: Silver, Size: 52S071402252714636113071
Style: S071402146, Color: Black, Size: 46S071402146
Style: S071402246, Color: Silver, Size: 46S071402246714636113040
Style: S071402346, Color: Red, Size: 46S071402346714636158492
Style: S071402354, Color: Red, Size: 54S071402354714636158539
Style: S071402344, Color: Red, Size: 44S071402344714636158485
Style: S071402150, Color: Black, Size: 50S071402150714636113002
Style: S071402352, Color: Red, Size: 52S071402352714636158522