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Jiminy Peak Mountain Resort Reviews


A great miniature


Pros: Terrain variety, fast lifts, grooming, economical if you're in the know

Cons: 1100 vertical, no tree skiing, overly manicured, crowds on weekends/holidays

I live an hour away and really appreciate Jiminy.  For a small eastern area, it has a lot of variety: 3-4 legitimate steeps, a number of black/blue runs, and a bunch of easy groomers.    There's a resort/condo complex at the base that I ignore, but it does bring in the upscale "resort" experience.  There are benefits: Jiminy has a super-quick 6-pack to the top -- 1100' in 41/2  minutes.  But it also means they groom everything flat all the time, so there's little natural skiing unless you hit it on the day of a storm.  The place is at the opposite end of the spectrum from, say, Berkshire East.  Still, the place is well laid-out and very...
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A very enjoyable mountain


Pros: Fun trails, night skiing, not too over crowded

Cons: None that I can recall

This is the first mountain I went skiing on. I wasn't sure how well I was going to do, but I picked it up pretty fast and had a ball here. Definitely didn't go down any of the difficult trails, but fun none the less. The view at the summet of the mountain is awsome, especially with the big wind turbine they have up there. They keep the trails groomed fairly well here too.   The rental skiis/boots were also pretty decent quality.   Great place to ski, I plan on making a trip there this season now that I've gotten better.