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Jay Peak

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Downhill Terrain
Family Friendly
Terrain Park
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Pros: Uncrowded, Friendly, Good Value

Cons: Middle of Nowhere

From a beginner's perspective, I really appreciate the perfect training runs to gain confidence on.  Right from the base lodge you're looking up at Interstate -- a (very) wide, easy slope to get you rolling.  Even better, though slightly more narrow, is the Racoon Run that runs down the middle of their condos. 


Served by the Metro Quad and the Village Double, and connected by Perry Merrill Ave and Queen's Highway, I find this learning zone to be nearly ideal for new skiers. 

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Hey, thanks for posting. Jay is a reasonable drive for me, but I never considered it because I thought of it as an expert's hill, and I ain't no expert. From the trail map it looks like they have lots of easy and intermediate terrain. It's now a strong contender for my first trip to a "destination" type mountain.