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Jay is dead.....


Pros: Snow

Cons: newly acquired big money, big dreams, big profits, and big crowds

Even with all the snow report lies, it still gets pretty good snow (for the east that is).  It claims to get 10 meters per year, but so does Sunshine out west.  I can GUARANTEE that Jay doesnt get more snow that Sunshine.     As for the rest of the draw of Jay, its all dead.  The crowds are up, the cost is up, the fun is down.  Might as well head to Killington...

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snow, snow, snow


Pros: Lots of snow, uncrowded, good prices, Vermonter deals

Cons: far away

I love Jay Peak. I have to admit, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been there. I used to go more frequently when I was a college student, and that was about 7 years ago so hopefully things haven’t changed too much. It’s known for more snow than any other ski area east of the Rockies. In fact they often rival the big western resorts. Every time I’ve been there it’s been snowing!! Jay is also famous for glades. They had glades before glades were popular and people were skiing in the woods back when most resorts strictly enforced you to stay “on the trail”. Jay has such a unique feel to it. It doesn’t seem like a resort (though I’ve heard that’s changing). I loved the hay bale buffers on...
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Big & worth going to


Pros: Tons of glades, Tram, nice terrain for all levels, in the snnow belt

Cons: a bit remote

I used to ski at Jay all the time as a teen. I love this hill. Glades are usually not marked.  A local told me, when you see a little path dropping off the trail you're on, dive in and you'll be in glade heaven. The glades hold PLENTY of fresh snow when the "groomed" trails are hardpack & frozen granular. UN Express, Green Beret, and other steep trails are fun for experts, lots of other trails for all levels. It's totally worth the trip, even from Boston or NY.
Rich Larow

Jay Peak is a cool area overall


Pros: Massive facelift at Jay

Cons: Freezing, waiting for the Tram, flatter trails

Well what can i say about Jay...i had been to many races there, and it was also ALWAYS beyond cold. Burke Mt is freezing cold too because of its orientation to the horizon. I dont know about the nightlife, or terrain park but i do know its family friendly. The downhill terrain off of the Tram is pretty nice. Aside from skiing the best time i had there was Mt biking the trails in the summer, insanely fun. Overall, and speaking as a stowe native, Jay has great snow, lighter than Stowe i think from the cold. The prices of the passes werent bad either from what i saw in the past. 

Best. Eastern. Mountain. Ever.


Pros: Jay Cloud, Trees

Cons: Still trying to think of one...

Yes it's cold, but that just keeps the ridiculous amount of pows fluffy.  If you can't deal with the cold, pick a different sport.  This is the place that gives the eastern skier the advantage out west-- the knowledge of where to find pows when others can't and how to ski them.  It's the trees...  it's all about the trees.  And if you don't like the glades at Jay, well, then you don't like tree skiing-- in which case, any old mountain should be fine for you cause they all have cleared trails with some snow.  Lightest snow I've seen outside of Utah; more snow than most of Colorado; the best backcountry in the east with Big Jay so accessible; real deal skiing...
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Pros: Good tree skiing policy

Cons: short vertical

No one in my group of ski-friends gets the hype with Jay Peak...   First off... the Jay Cloud is a myth.  With all that snow, you'd think they'd have so much terrain open so much sooner and longer than elsewhere in the state and nearby... not so.  Years back they would post the average snowfall on a given day, and the maximum snowfall- presumably from a spot in a snowdrift.  From the max, they would add that up to 350" in a year, the average column was more like 250".  Its bogus.  If you're about snow, hit Le Massif.  Though they've had one or two off years as of late, they understate their snow totals.     Second... while the open...
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Jay for beginners!


Pros: Uncrowded, Friendly, Good Value

Cons: Middle of Nowhere

From a beginner's perspective, I really appreciate the perfect training runs to gain confidence on.  Right from the base lodge you're looking up at Interstate -- a (very) wide, easy slope to get you rolling.  Even better, though slightly more narrow, is the Racoon Run that runs down the middle of their condos.    Served by the Metro Quad and the Village Double, and connected by Perry Merrill Ave and Queen's Highway, I find this learning zone to be nearly ideal for new skiers. 

Ahhh Jay


Pros: All good

Cons: Windy

Jay Peak I am loyal to Jay and have been skiing there for years now.  The recent upgrades make this place a wonderful family vacation spot.   Now we can go and have some of the deepest stashes of powder in the woods and then apres ski in the beautiful restaurant and bar.   I have enjoyed this place, know all of it's trails and cannot say anything other than there is nothing that compares to Jay Peak for skiing in the east.  One of my favorite days there was in May with plenty of snow to ski.  This place is simply the bomb!   Now that Jay has completed the golf course which also serves as a cross country ski center I can only imagine there are...
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