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Jackson Hole Reviews


Great area!


Pros: Steepness, powder, rough.

Cons: None I am aware of.

My girlfriend and I went to Jackson Hole somewhere around March 2010. Bob Peters showed us around. What an impressive mountain! One of the best ski areas of the US, especially for advanced skiers. Don't know how it is for beginners.   Other resorts we have been to in the US and can compare with; several in CO, UT and CA.   JH was the first resort in the US which humbled us. Colorado especially looked so flat.  This mountain however is rough, huge and offers so much runs for advanced skiers. We had lots of powder and of course, the day with Bob Peters was incredible! We also liked the town Jackson., the million dollar bar and all of the western feeling. I would...
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Jackson vs Whistler


Pros: The real deal

Cons: Snow not up to reputation

First of all congratulations to Bob Peters for creating the definitive summary about skiing in-bounds at JH.   JH packs more difficult and challenging terrain into its resort boundaries than any other area in North America, and its side country is unequaled.  That said it is a mere pimple on the Whistler/Blackcomb map when it comes to size, and its groomer skiing is sub-par.. And while a night at the Mangy Moose can leave you twisted, trying to keep up with the Whistler party scene is possible only if you have Olympic levels of endurance.   Now about that snow---.  When JH has a season like 2010-2011 you'll be in pig heaven.  However on a more normal...
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Jackson rocks!


Pros: Unlimited terrain and often powder!

Cons: I'm not there now!

I can't add much to Bob's guide, it is very nicely done! JHMR is an unreal place, where you can find mild to wild and lots of it. One thing I would add is to keep in mind that the trail-ratings (green, blue, double-blue, etc.) are different from mountain to mountain. I would say that there are runs at JHMR that are blue & double-blue that may actually rate as a black in other resorts, so if you aren't an advanced or expert skier be careful before you go full-bore into an "easy" double-blue run. Most of us will be better skiers after a few days at Jackson Hole. Note that in Bob's guide he mentions areas you can ski to and have the ability to see other runs from, so you can judge...
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Simple amazing


Pros: Diversity

Cons: will kick your ass

Jackson Hole is an oddity.  If you’ve grown up with a love of skiing dear to the Swiss/Austraian/French tradition and all the imagery that goes with it, then, Jackson Hole is going to open your eyes to a whole new skiing tradition.  Lodged in the middle of cowboy country, the historic town of Jackson, WY is right out of a John Wayne movie.  That’s the setting for your next ski vacation (so much for Swiss chalets and cheese fondue).  Jackson Hole is imposing as a mountain.  From the parking lot, it has probably scarred away its fair share of beginners.  It looks like every run that leads to the base is a double diamond.  It’s a great first impression if...
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big & bold


Pros: Great, Huge, Steep

Cons: Not a lot there for the wife unless she's a bad#$$ or you're trying to get rid of her.


Fun Winter Playground in da Lower 48


Pros: Intermountain Snowpack, Diverse Terrian, BC Access, Loads of Vertical

Cons: Can be pricey

4,139' feet of Vertical Gnar & a Tram is enough said, not to mention the access gates. Recommend a lesson if you're coming from Colorado, Midwest, or East Coast.  

Great advanced mountain


Pros: Challenging trails, great snow and facilities

Cons: see above, and 20+ min bus ride into town

What a great mountain, great terrain, multiple bowls, plenty of off groomed and bumps, but always at least a moderately easy black down for the timid. Visibility can suffer when it snows, but I for one love to ski in falling snow.and did 2 days out of 6, 7th at Targhee. No lines except first lift up on a powder day. Tram quick to the top, chairs great, also gondola goes much of the way up.  Have been to Jackson Hole before this trip, and will return again.