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Jackson Hole: On a Grand Scale Reviews


Comprehensive guide to Jackson Hole Ski Resort and Culture


Pros: Heavy on resort history, nice sidebar on Doug Coombs

Cons: Not one mention of Bob Peters

This book by David Gonzales attempts to cover Jackson Hole ski resort history, culture, and all the little quirks that make JH such a cool place to be.  There are chapters on summer activities, backcountry, racing, the patrol, and the Air Force, among others.  Most of the information is still valid 13 years after it's publication in 2001.  I bought this before attending a Steep and Deep Camp in 2002, seeking more information on JHMR.  This is before the internet really got cranked up with sites like Epicski and TGR.  I enjoyed the book, and it's a nice coffee table style book, heavy on pictures and quite large in size.