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Intuition Power Wrap Liner Reviews

Positive Reviews


Excellent Warmth and Incredibly Comfortable


Pros: Totally Warm!, Extremely Comfortable!, Very Light!

Cons: minor performance reduction

I have worked in the ski business on snow for over 40 years. All but two of them not in Intuition liners. I have never had warmer, more comfortable feet. I recently put my frozen boots on in the parking lot at -30. Initially my feet were cold, but once they warmed up without going inside, they stayed warm all day on one of the coldest days (for me at least) in years. My liners are of the overlap style and I suspect they may be more of a recreational fit (as opposed to the Intuitions with a tongue that are more performance liner). I highly suggest that you get your Intuition liners fitted by a professional boot fitter who has lots of experience in fitting Intuitions. I suspect that is...
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Negative Reviews


intuition power wrap


Pros: good control of foot for rotary movements/lightweight/seems durable

Cons: no suport in tongue, hard to get in and out of with race shells/takes forever to break in, not warm

my boot fitter set me up in an intuition wrap liner several years ago.    To be honest I have a few problems with this.  I used them in my head world cup ski boots.  That is a pretty stiff performance boot as it is, which made the liner  difficult to place inside the shell as well as pulling it out.   I also found it hard for me to get my foot in and out.  The wrap is particularly annoying as its easy to wrap incorrectly around the foot and get pinched in the shell.  As for being warmer than most liners, I dont buy it.  My feet froze like ice cubes with these.  Also since the liner is basically the same thickness and material...
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Light but really not that good.


Pros: Light, Warm

Cons: No heel hold-down.

I have a narrow heel and these liners just did not have the capacity to fill in the space around my narrow achilles...leaving me with very little heel hold-down.  I find the heel is the most important place for the boot grip the foot.    In the end I moved these liners to my A/T boots and before I heat molded them, I stuck a few "C" pads to the shell in attempt to fill in the achilles and get more heel hold.  It worked pretty well.  I purchased Zip Fits for my alpine boots and they are WAY better.

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Intuition Power Wrap



Cons: A bit of a struggle to get into.

 I have no knowledge of similar liners. However, no piece of equipment has helped my skiing more than these liners. They are extremely comfortable and warm. I'm in ski boots several hours a week and never felt the need to take them off except to drive home. I have the Silver (medium density) liners and don't feel the need for the stiffer Gold liners. The overlap design in these liners require some attention. Sometimes when taking the boots off, the overlap at the bridge of the foot becomes displaced. Just be sure the overlap is where it's supposed to be before buckling up. These liners are a little tough to get into occasionally but they are soooo worth it. You might want to look at the...
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Huge improvement in comfort, warmth & performance


Pros: 2nd skin fit, very warm, great for people with foot 'issues'

Cons: Price

I first bought a pair of test overlap liners (precursors to the current plug liner, with similar 9mm high density foam) about six or seven years ago and it made a world of difference to my feet.  I also have a set of the current Power Wrap Plug liners in a different pair of 190 flex Lange RL1 World Cup plug boots. I have crazy feet. Very high arches, one foot a 10.5 and other a 9.5, Morton's toe, wide flair at the toes, and the obligatory '6th toe' bump at the 5th metatarsal.  My boots have always required lots of work and blowing out of both shell's and stretching of the left shell (I buy shells to fit my small foot, then bump the heel pocket back slightly in the shell and bump out the...
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Pete No. Idaho

Snug fit


Pros: Very supporting

Cons: fit questionable

Bought at ski shop 1 month ago (Nov 09) put into Nordica Speedmachine 10's.  Fit perfectly on right foot and too short on L foot.  Wore 4 times and had to stop using.  L foot almost 1/2 size bigger than R foot and have to blame boot size of old boots and my feet have changed.  Really like the firmness and instant feedback the liners gave my foot/feet/ankle movement.  Too bad my L foot was just too long for a fit in the probably too small L boot. 
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