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Intuition Luxury Liners


Pros: moldable, comfortable, warm

Cons: modling process

I've been skiing in Tecnica Diablo Pros for the past 4 seasons and had hoped they would make it through one last season but I discovered sort of late that the liners were going from bad to worse quite quickly.  I couldn't find any boots locally that fit my feet and that I could actually flex.  I finally decided to get these and while the molding process seems a bit finicky, I finally have them at the point where I can wear them all day if needed and not be in pain.  My toes still feel a bit cramped but everything else fits perfect, especially the heel pocket.  I think I have better control of my skis with these than I did with the original liners.  These liners are definitely warmer than the Tecnica liners ever were and I'm not using my Hotronic heaters any more.  I'll be getting new boots for the 2011-12 season and these will be going into the new boots.


I would give them 5 stars but I think the elastic holding the tongue in place is too close to the toes because the tongue is always flipping out over my instep between the shell halves and getting it back in place takes some fooling around.


Pros: Light; warm; locks down heal; easy on

Cons: takes up a lot of volume

My stock liners (Atomics) were okay, but I was getting heal lift.  The performance, warmth, and lightness with the replacement liner are amazing but you have to live with the extra volume (great around the heal, but bad around the toes).  I had my liners baked and formed by a really good boot fitter, and I cannot imagine doing it myself.  Definitely has improved my performance - I am much quicker edge to edge, and the boot has stiffened.  The tongue works great by the way - way easier on and off than the wrap models - just like stock.


I have a pretty tight shell fit and these liners cause my feet to cramp terribly.   I am hoping that it will  pack out some  If not, I will go back to get them rebaked.  If I knew, I would have gotten a thinner liner, but I would likely loose some of the things I really like (heal lock down, warmth, etc.)

Intuition Luxury Liners

This liner offers easy entry, a progressive medium flex tongue combined with incredible heel hold down power. Designed for all levels of riders who want a more traditional style, with Intuition's renowned performance and comfort. Since inventing the heat moldable, overlap liner in 1992, Intuition has dominated the industry with superior support, power and comfort. Now Intuition re-invents the traditional tongue liner in 2008 with it's newest creation the LUXURY LINER. Available in High, Medium and Low volume.

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