Hunter Mountain Reviews

Positive Reviews


Hunter Mountain February 2011 weekend day trip


Pros: Lots of snow, fun for all abilities, great food selection, good rental gear, family friendly.

Cons: Crowded lunch room, crowded front side lifts, falls prey to warm weather swings.

  First visit to Hunter this season.  Hunter is my home mountain and always the resort I visit most due to its proximity to metro NY area (about 2.5hrs).   I always have a good time at Hunter, and find their trails to be nice with a decent amount of variety and great grooming.  They have plenty of trails for all abilities and I think it skis bigger than it really is.       You can buy tickets at a considerable discount if you plan ahead and purchase them on-line via their website.  Hunter has gone through many improvements in the last 10 years and if you have not been there in awhile, by all means go check it out, I doubt you will be...
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Best resort in the region


Pros: Great terrain, THE BEST snowmaking, excellent lifts, no expense spared by this place to give customers great skiing, THE BEST CAFETERIA FOOD THERE IS!

Cons: Crowded on weekends, lodge a little dated but who cares.

Hunter is the best area in the Catskills hands down.  The best terrain in the area.  Challenging stuff that is consistently open and in great shape.   They just put a magic carpet in for beginners and the bunny slope area is pretty nice.  They spare no expense and are constantly blowing snow.  Their lifts spinning top speed all the time.  When you get hungry you won't be disappointed AWESOME food at reasonable resort prices.   As for the crowds yes it is the only real con.  It gets crowded with NYC folk on weekends top wait on front side might be 15 mins tops though and the West Side will never have a wait.    I'd compare it...
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Negative Reviews


Over rated


Pros: west side

Cons: the crowd

I'm not the type to write reviews, specially negative ones. But in this case I just have to put in my two cents. I put off skiing hunter on the weekend for the end of season, since I knew the crowds would be an issue. My timing worked out right, the crowds were thin and lift lines short. Speaking of the crowds, my impression is that Hunter must be the hill of choice for people that spend summer weekends in the Hamptons! If your ski jacket costs more than most people's mortgage and you have the attitude to go along with it, race to Hunter. As for the mountain, I will not judge the snow condition since its late in the season, but I'm not sure why everyone raves about the...
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Hunter, the Usual Suspect


Pros: terrain park; lesson areas

Cons: yahoos abound

I'm a skier, not a boarder....Never go on a weekend, unless, you are an absolute beginner and are going to take a lesson or if you can ski blacks and above....everything in between is a zoo of ill-prepared humanity. You are taking your life in your own hands because you either have to spend the day avoiding people, on long lines or hoping no one crashes into you. I saw 4 ski patrols carrying people off the slopes to an awaiting ambulance. If you are a single, you can get onto lifts fairly quickly once you figure out the mountain, but you can't change people's lack of skills or good sense. I'm pretty sure it is a weekend thing.

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Good, but avoid holidays


Pros: good terrain, fun, good lifts

Cons: can get crushed with crowds

Hunter can be great if you catch it right on a good day with little crowd. However, of all the Catskill resorts that can get crushed with crowds, this is the one. Avoid at all costs on holiday or potential crowded days. Otherwise, its worth a trip. Good skiing can be had and there's even a decent northeast typical ski town right outside the gates. Around 2 hours from NYC. 

challenging terrain


Pros: Steep terrain, great snowmaking, separate beginner area

Cons: crowded on weekends

Most challenging terrrain south of Killington. More lift capacity than terrain, so trails get crowded on big weekends but lifts don't.

An Expert's Day Trip


Pros: Steep terrain, great bumps, great expert terrain on Hunter West, Hunter One gives beginner skiers a great area, vast snowmaking

Cons: Crowds, Hunter West would like a high speed lift, other areas are more extensive in intermediate runs

Superb expert terrain, practically unmatched in the East in the Catskills and south. The Lower K27 is probably the steepest terrain south of mid-Vermont. Hunter West provides 1000' vertical bump runs that contain some steep pitches (Westway) or narrow (Annapurna) or sometimes steep, sometimes narrow (Claire's Way). Bumps are to the side of or litter practically every advanced run, so finding moguls ain't a problem. Hunter One gives the lower intermediate and beginner skiers a place to ski without skiing with the intermediate or expert skiers. Snowmaking is one of the best in the East, so having snow there isn't usually a problem. Definitely a must-do for a reasonable day trip from NYC....
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It's not the worst mountain ever......


Pros: Nice terrain, good snowmaking, close to NY

Cons: Lifts are unreliable

 Hunter is better than most peoples perception.  I always here how crowed it is and how rude the people are.  I came back to hunter after a 10 year hiatus, and I can tell you that the lift line situation is just not that bad any more.  I used to ski here in the 1980's and did experience all the horrors, but I think that now-a-days, the other areas in the area have off-set some of the volume that used to exclusively head to Hunter. The Good: Hunter has nice terrain, with varied interesting terrain the entire way down the mountain.  On the front face for example, you have several choices at the top (Hell-gate, The Cliff, Minya Konka, Crossover), then you hit a wide open area that give...
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It's and OK mountain


Pros: Fast lifts, Somewhat big vertical, great snowmaking, good park, good Blacks on Hunter West

Cons: Very crowded on weekends, Icy

To start off, Hunter has some great terrain when its not crowded.  When its crowded... thats a different story.  The snow gets skied off quickly and gets very icy. Hunter west has some trail with good sustianed pitch.  When I went opening weeked, I realized just how great their snowmaking is.   Half the trails were open and packed pow!  The park is good and they have a couple good features.  Overall, Hunter is a good mountain but stay away on holidays and some weekends.

ancient review


Pros: Always had the first openeing day

Cons: At the time it was expensive

It was always a great place to kick off the ski season

Midweek Magic!


Pros: Snowmaking, Grooming, Terrain

Cons: Weekend Traffic, Little intermediate terrain.

If you can get there midweek, Hunter is an awesome place to ski.  It has some awesome terrain, with sustained pitches to the base, double fall lines all over the place, narrow eastern trails plus a big open bowl right in the middle.  And no matter how dry the winter is, there is almost always snow.  Hunter always closes due to lack of business, not lack of snow! It does still get very busy on weekends.  And on holiday weeks, I recommend staying away...And if you're an intermediate skier looking for long cruisers, the selection is limited.   I hear people knock the grooming, but they actually do a fantastic job.  The problem is that on busy days, the trails are so narrow that they scraped...
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