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Hunter Mountain


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Name Description Maximum Occupancy Price Range

Kaatskill Mountain Club




Spacious studio, one-, two-, and three- bedroom suites to sumptuous executive and penthouse suites with indoor/outdoor heated pool; spa; health club; steam room, sauna and two hot tubs; fitness center; ski and snowboard storage; Van Winkle’s Restaurant and video arcade. 

Extra person charges may apply


$225 and up 




Liftside Village Condominiums



Ski-in/ski out condominiums with access to the Kaatskill Mountain Club’s amenities.


Extra person charges may apply 

$175 and up 


The Washington Irving Inn



15 country rooms, modern amenities, splendid mountain views, authentic period pieces/antiques and full breakfast. 2 miles to Hunter Mountain.

Extra person charges may apply  

$140 and up












VanWinkle's Restaurant at the Kaatskill Mountain Club


The Marketplace Food Court


The Plaza Café in the Copper Tree Restaurant


Andre's Slopeside Barbecue


Hunter Resort Vacations

  • The Kaatskill Flyer, a new 6-passenger lift is complete.

  • Installed another 150 new high-efficiency snowguns to make your trip down the mountain more enjoyable.




Rental Equipment Rates

Adult Lesson Rates


Children Lesson Rates

Snow Tubing Rates 




Hunter Mountain

Marketed as "the snow-making capital of the world," Hunter Mountain was the first ski area to have 100% snow-making and the first to have automated snow-making. Now the resort has over 1000 tower-mounted snow-guns. Hunter is one of the closest major ski resorts to New York City and inspired a Japanese ski resort of the same name. The resort is considered one of the best day-tripping ski areas in the Eastern US, with skiing on three mountains, each suiting different abilities. Hunter one is the beginners area, It is mostly used by the ski school and people learning to ski on they're own. Hunter one consistes of 16 trais 2 of them being a mini terrain park. 9 of these trails are green , 5 are blue , 2 are rated as black. Hunter Mountain proper is made up of 34 trails 2 of these 34 are the empire terrain park. 6 are green trails, 10 are blue, 16 are single black diamond , and 3 are double black diamond. The top of the mountain is serviced by numerous different lifts, most notably is hunters newly installed six pack lift. The more challenging skiing at hunter is on Hunter west . Hunter west can be reached either from the new six pack or its own high speed quad (new for WInter 2011-12). There are 6 trails in total on hunter west, 3 double black and 3 black, only the most expert skiers go there. There is a main lodge at the bottom of the mountain which has numerous restaurants, and a ski shop, and a separate snowboard shop. there is also a small restaurant in the learning center that services hunter one. Locker rentals are available in both the main lodge and the learning center. The current system of locker rental is a 5 dollar daily rate , there are some one time dollar rates in the bathroom of the learning center. Hunter mountain has also recently installed a zip line. There is limited slope-side lodging at Hunter, and the option to stay locally in a wide variety of local motels, and B and B's. there are also seasonal rentals available in both hunter and nearby Tannersville..

Snow making percent100%
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow1
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double5
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple2
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Quad2
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Six person1 HS Six
Lifts-Total number of lifts11
Lifts-Total lift capacity15,514/hr.
Trails-4-Expert only13%
General-Base elevation1600'
General-Vertical drop1600'
General-Mountain rangeCatskills
General-Total area in bounds240 acres
General-Snow making coverage240 acres
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: west side

Cons: the crowd

I'm not the type to write reviews, specially negative ones. But in this case I just have to put in my two cents. I put off skiing hunter on the weekend for the end of season, since I knew the crowds would be an issue. My timing worked out right, the crowds were thin and lift lines short. Speaking of the crowds, my impression is that Hunter must be the hill of choice for people that spend summer weekends in the Hamptons! If your ski jacket costs more than most people's mortgage and you have the attitude to go along with it, race to Hunter.

As for the mountain, I will not judge the snow condition since its late in the season, but I'm not sure why everyone raves about the terrain. Yes, the West side has some nice steep runs, and the beginner area looked good for the less experienced, but the rest is nothing special and the blue run from the top was very crowded even on a quite day. May be I'll regret writing this but if you want the same vertical and snow conditions, head over to Bellayre Mountain.


Pros: Lots of snow, fun for all abilities, great food selection, good rental gear, family friendly.

Cons: Crowded lunch room, crowded front side lifts, falls prey to warm weather swings.


First visit to Hunter this season.  Hunter is my home mountain and always the resort I visit most due to its proximity to metro NY area (about 2.5hrs).   I always have a good time at Hunter, and find their trails to be nice with a decent amount of variety and great grooming.  They have plenty of trails for all abilities and I think it skis bigger than it really is.    


You can buy tickets at a considerable discount if you plan ahead and purchase them on-line via their website.  Hunter has gone through many improvements in the last 10 years and if you have not been there in awhile, by all means go check it out, I doubt you will be disappointed.


New for this season, they have added many recycled ski and board Adirondack chairs and benches outside the resort, nice touch, they are quite comfortable.   They are promoting free ski valet and also have this new key lock system that I think you buy the key or lock and it can be used on similar racks at other resorts.  There must be a ski theft issue there that I haven't been aware of th_dunno-1[1].gif


Out front is also a large wooden structure looking like what they use for firefighter and military training, or an adult sized jungle gym, I assume it has to do with the new Zipline; reported to be the tallest and longest in North America.


The new lift opened this season, seats six, replaces the former quad.  The entrance to the lift now has automated gates like I have seen used in some European resorts, it is considerably more organized.   The pickup point leaves a little to be desired but I can see where it can also be helpful.   Directly in front of  where you stop to wait for the chair to slide under you is a step down, so if you happen to not stop exactly where you are supposed to or over shoot when approaching the plastic STOP strip  you will fall about a foot and a half down.   This is bad because well...you can fall and possibly get pretty hurt, but good because if you slip off the chair while mounting the lift there is less of a chance that you get knocked in the head by the chair now passing over you.   They claim that this chair is faster, I don't know if it moves any faster, didn't feel like it maybe they are simply referring to the speed as a function of the capacity.  I will say this much the cable slack and the bumpy ride as well as sudden drop after each of the first few towers is a bit unnerving, and every time had everyone on the chair yell out a "whoa"!   Up top the lift drops you off sideways as opposed to straight out like the old lift.   


There was 100% snow coverage in all the trails I went down, snow was firm or soft and very little to no ice.  For black and double black diamond skiers the West side was in great condition with little or no ice.   As usual minimal people back there, and you basically went down and came right back up with no wait....this is the secret to skiing Hunter all day with no wasted time.   However the front side lifts were packed, and even with the huge new 6 person chair, it seems that there were way too many people for the capacity of the infrastructure....though the hills themselves were not overly crowded, so its clear that more lift capacity is needed   Maybe if they add another of those sixers to replace the other front side lift things would be more alleviated.


Did not see a half pipe there this season, but the terrain park seems to have doubled in size.


The lodge seems to have gotten even better with regards to food offerings, no complaints there....well the sushi wait was a little ridiculous other than that all was good.   But Hunter as well as many other resorts is plagued with people who see it fit to leave all their junk at or under the dining room seats, thus not letting people who actually want to go eat have anywhere to sit.   They really should forbid this and to me it was the single most frustrating thing about the whole day   They need to post signs disallowing this highly inconsiderate practice and have employees go around and collect peoples junk and dump it all into a large community bin....leave your stuff at a table go dig for it in the hamper.  It took me 30min to find a place to sit....I was fuming.hopmad.gif


No more gear bins for rent, now its just bag checks.  Also new is no more locker tokens, now you pay for a key at the bag check window to use the lockers, don't know if you can open and close the lockers through out the day.  They still have not done anything about improving the floor surfaces of the lower level or of the steps, they remain hazardously slippery and the steps are still super slick steel diamond plate...be careful, chipped my elbow on those steps a few seasons ago.


I think they also really need to invest some money on revamping the whole locker room/changing room situation.  It is crowded, small, has few places to sit to boot up and is rather run-down.  It might be the main reason why so many elect to crowd the lunch room with their gear rather than put it in the proper area.


It was supposed to be 22*-27* and 80% chance of wintry mix.   Driving up there it started to snow hard, huge flakes that in minutes blanketed everything with about an inch of snow...just as quickly it warmed up.  What we got then was 40*+ all day and lots and lots of rain. Never skied in such wet conditions before, made things pretty miserable, my leather gloves were soaked.   Made visibility very difficult and the heavy wet snow was the cause of me catching an edge towards the end of the day resulting in a rather nasty fall, body and neck is all aching and thumb is a bit beat up.  This is no fault of the resort obviously, but being at such relative low elevation and southerly, Hunter does fall victim to warming trends and its weather closely mimics that of NYC.   Fortunately they have such great snow making capacity there that they fix things up very quickly.


I did a day trip so cant comment on current night life, but traditionally Tannersville, the town right before reaching the mountain has a great night life; I've had some good times in the past.  Plenty of ski shops and lodging choices en-route to the mountain and the pro shop at the mountain is well equipped as well.   Rental gear there is all relatively new, so no worries about getting old junk.  The rental area is one of the best at any resort and operates out of its own new state of the art building where one can also arrange for lessons and training.  It conveniently is located on a gentle slope so that beginners can exit the building and try out the great sport of skiing with no need to scare themselves on a chair lift or too steep a hill.

All in all it was still a great day, its always a great day when you get to ski.  ski.gif


Pros: terrain park; lesson areas

Cons: yahoos abound

I'm a skier, not a boarder....Never go on a weekend, unless, you are an absolute beginner and are going to take a lesson or if you can ski blacks and above....everything in between is a zoo of ill-prepared humanity. You are taking your life in your own hands because you either have to spend the day avoiding people, on long lines or hoping no one crashes into you. I saw 4 ski patrols carrying people off the slopes to an awaiting ambulance. If you are a single, you can get onto lifts fairly quickly once you figure out the mountain, but you can't change people's lack of skills or good sense. I'm pretty sure it is a weekend thing.


Pros: Great terrain, THE BEST snowmaking, excellent lifts, no expense spared by this place to give customers great skiing, THE BEST CAFETERIA FOOD THERE IS!

Cons: Crowded on weekends, lodge a little dated but who cares.

Hunter is the best area in the Catskills hands down.  The best terrain in the area.  Challenging stuff that is consistently open and in great shape.   They just put a magic carpet in for beginners and the bunny slope area is pretty nice.  They spare no expense and are constantly blowing snow.  Their lifts spinning top speed all the time.  When you get hungry you won't be disappointed AWESOME food at reasonable resort prices.   As for the crowds yes it is the only real con.  It gets crowded with NYC folk on weekends top wait on front side might be 15 mins tops though and the West Side will never have a wait.    I'd compare it to Killington as far as skier traffic and lift lines go on both weekends and weekdays.  Yes Bellaire and Windham are nice alternatives but this place is the best of them and will not disappoint.   


Pros: Steep terrain, great snowmaking, separate beginner area

Cons: crowded on weekends

Most challenging terrrain south of Killington. More lift capacity than terrain, so trails get crowded on big weekends but lifts don't.


Pros: Steep terrain, great bumps, great expert terrain on Hunter West, Hunter One gives beginner skiers a great area, vast snowmaking

Cons: Crowds, Hunter West would like a high speed lift, other areas are more extensive in intermediate runs

Superb expert terrain, practically unmatched in the East in the Catskills and south. The Lower K27 is probably the steepest terrain south of mid-Vermont. Hunter West provides 1000' vertical bump runs that contain some steep pitches (Westway) or narrow (Annapurna) or sometimes steep, sometimes narrow (Claire's Way). Bumps are to the side of or litter practically every advanced run, so finding moguls ain't a problem. Hunter One gives the lower intermediate and beginner skiers a place to ski without skiing with the intermediate or expert skiers. Snowmaking is one of the best in the East, so having snow there isn't usually a problem. Definitely a must-do for a reasonable day trip from NYC. Lacks a bit on the intermediate side though, with few good long intermediate cruisers besides Belt Parkway which is packed with other intermediates.


Pros: Nice terrain, good snowmaking, close to NY

Cons: Lifts are unreliable

 Hunter is better than most peoples perception.  I always here how crowed it is and how rude the people are.  I came back to hunter after a 10 year hiatus, and I can tell you that the lift line situation is just not that bad any more.  I used to ski here in the 1980's and did experience all the horrors, but I think that now-a-days, the other areas in the area have off-set some of the volume that used to exclusively head to Hunter.

The Good:

Hunter has nice terrain, with varied interesting terrain the entire way down the mountain.  On the front face for example, you have several choices at the top (Hell-gate, The Cliff, Minya Konka, Crossover), then you hit a wide open area that give several other nice choices (Racers Edge, Eisenhower Drive).  There are other areas with nice blacks also (Hunter West).  Most intermediate skiers can find plenty of suitable terrain.  I typically ride the lifts up with my wife and meet her at the bottom.

I'm teaching my 10 year old how to ski.  I was able to spend the whole day with her on really great beginner/advanced beginner trails.  I think they are the perfect length and pitch for a new skier.  You don't want a kid on trails that are too long or too short.  The lifts in the beginner area are just fine.

In the past two years (17 visits and counting) I have not had or witnessed any particularly bad experiences with guests or staff.  

The town of Hunter and neighboring Tanersville are quite nice and have plenty of options.

The Bad:
The Hunter lifts, while well placed, are aging and less reliable that most resorts.  The big detachable quad closes down in moderate winds.  It breaks down often.  Last year, we had to be bused to the back side of the mountain because none of the lifts in the front were working.  In my opinion the lifts are definitely the biggest issue with Hunter.

Hunter is a great mountain, not nearly as crowed or crazy as its reputation.  They need to upgrade the lifts.  I think it is the best place to ski within 3 hours of NY.



Pros: Fast lifts, Somewhat big vertical, great snowmaking, good park, good Blacks on Hunter West

Cons: Very crowded on weekends, Icy

To start off, Hunter has some great terrain when its not crowded.  When its crowded... thats a different story.  The snow gets skied off quickly and gets very icy. Hunter west has some trail with good sustianed pitch.  When I went opening weeked, I realized just how great their snowmaking is.   Half the trails were open and packed pow!  The park is good and they have a couple good features.  Overall, Hunter is a good mountain but stay away on holidays and some weekends.