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Hoodoo Ski Bowl Reviews


Small, honest mountain serving up all it can


Pros: Close, friendly, great when snow is good & all runs open

Cons: Small. And sometimes wet. Dang it...

Hoodoo is growing on us, after 4 years.  We live in Albany, 80 miles to the west in the Willamette valley, so it's either Hoodoo, or at least an extra 30-60 minutes to Willamette Pass or the Mt Hood areas.  So we mostly stick to Hoodoo.  It has a nice variety of terrain, just not quite enough of it.  That's not the mountain's fault - or maybe it is, but it can't do anything about it now...  Not Chuck's fault, either, and he is doing as much as can possibly be done with his little mountain.  When the snow is good, which is really quite often, it's a great place.  Not much time in line, and the runs are just long enough to wear the quads down, and then you're in line or on the chair again. ...
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