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Holiday Valley Reviews


Fun place to ski as long as the weather cooperates!


Pros: Great package deals with the Inn, decent prices, not too crowded, varied terrain, the Village of Ellicottville

Cons: Depending on the weather, there can be a lot of ice

We have skied Holiday Valley several times in the past few years. It's always risky deciding when to plan a trip, as the weather is so variable here. That being said, when there is "decent" snow, this is a great place. It is frustrating when the crowd is smaller that not all lifts are running but that it is understandable. The trail maps at the top of the lifts could be improved upon and modernized a bit. We have gotten some GREAT package deals with the Inn at Holiday Valley. The people there are extremely friendly and it's a nice facility. The lift lines aren't terribly long, even at busy times, the crowds are nowhere near as rude as those at Seven Springs and the mountain...
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Does well with what it has


Pros: Varied runs up to lower advanced, good snow at times, reasonable night prices

Cons: Little challenging terrain, can be crowded

Holiday Valley is where I started skiing.  I went with my more capable family, fell down a lot, and somewhere along the line caught the bug that takes up so much of my time today.  For that, I'm eternally grateful.   Pros: For a mountain with a minimal vertical drop, Holiday Valley does its best to make the mountain feel bigger.  If you're an improving intermediate, you'll probably feel it has sufficient challenge to keep you on edge (or on your butt) on new slopes for most of your day.  The village of Ellicotteville is a nice place to relax pre-post skiing.   Cons: It's not a very big mountain and there isn't really terrain to challenge expert...
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Holiday Valley Rocks!!!!


Pros: snow is usually great, lots and lots to do, nearby ellicottville is great,

Cons: terrain parks, not quite challenging enough

I ski holiday valley about 10 days/yr and love it.  By far the best ski resort in the east NY/ Midwest area.  Theres never a bad day at HV.  Nearby Ellicottville is awesome.  Great place to learn.  Overall great resort