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Hestra JOB Kobolt Flex


Pros: Bike glove fit, thin enough to work a tablet or smartphone, super light, affordable.

Cons: Leather is not waterproof, glove stretches if wet, dye comes off, finger tip stiching is imprecise

This glove immediately lets you know that it is a cut above most work gloves.     The fit, the choice and cut of  the leather, the lack of seams in the palm and forefinger area are all better than most work gloves in the price range.    They're even better than most of the other Hestra JOB gloves.


Yes, they fit like bicycle gloves.  Most spring skiing gloves, in size Large, could not shift a Shimano STI brifter because the fingers are too loose and flappy and get caught in between the small and big levers.   These can.    And yet they're plenty warm enough for a person with normally warm hands  to be comfortable at 32F, at 7500', with a stiff 30-40mph wind driving graupel into one's face. 


Second bit of good news: they're dexterous and thin enough to work an Iphone at the top of that lift.   They are certainly more than dexterous enough to do any normal ski work like binding adjustment or tweaking, without going bare handed.    I would not at all be surprised if I see the next 10 ski reps wearing these at demo days.


The bad news:  


Fingertips.   Sure, the fingers are very nicely sewn all the way up from the hand itself, but the stitching and the leather tension at the very tip of the finger is...a bit more haphazard.    This might be a fussy thing to notice in a $25 glove, but you will very soon notice that you have a 'favorite' finger for working the smartphone/tablet, and it will be the finger with the least stitch pulling and the least lumpiness in the tip of the glove.    For this reader, that meant middle finger and pinky - but this is something that will vary from glove to glove.


Waterproofing is DIY.   If you're going to use this glove for skiing, go right ahead and get a tin of Hestra balm immediately.   Work a couple of dollops into the gloves before you take them outdoors.   If you don't, that super-nice bike glove fit will go away.  Fast.  As in, 20 minutes into the first wet-rainy-slushy storm.    And immediately after that, the leather will also start to shed white dye all over your nice ski pole grips.    If you are so improvident as to go, oh, an hour and a half into such a storm, there will be grey spots on the gloves, grain irregularities in the leather, and tanning smell all over your hands.  And there will be a haze of whitish residue over things you've handled.   It's much better to get the balm and use it, heck don't even leave the shop without it.

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Hestra JOB Kobolt Flex

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