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Head Skis USA Raptor 120 RS Ski Boot - Men's


Pros: very comfortable yet firm, excellent foot control

Cons: technically it seems too thick in the cuff area, but ski it once and You will see its controls your lower leg well and comfortable.

I do not own a raptor boot but did purchase the raptor liner (identical to the one shown here) for my head world cup m102 ski boots.  While its significantly thicker than the intuition I used previously, I found this liner to be much firmer, especially in the tongue which I like.  The large amount of padding in the rear of the liner seems technically too much compared to most liners, but it makes sense if you stop and think about it.   your calf area is not shaped like a straight pencil.  This liner conforms to the leg shape we have, offers more comfort  yet is still firm.    The last is actually very thin and provides more room in the toe box than other liners I've worn but interestingly offers the same level of foot control.  In fact the lower portion of the liner seems more akin to a plug liner but I'm pretty sure the raptor is not a plug liner per say.   I can actually wear a real pair of ski socks with this.  Prior to that I was forced to use woman's nylons.  Socks simply cramped up my feet.


Another thing I like is the smooth material they used internally.   This makes it easier to slide your foot in and out of as apposed to other liners such as the intuition that I had to fight each and every time.  And this is especially good for stiff and tight performance boots.  The liner appears to be constructed very well and I assume it will last for many seasons.  


While I agree this is a superior liner , its superior for me.  It works nearly perfect for my foot and leg shape. For example I have a wider foot than the average person, but I also have medium to smaller sized calves.  I imagine someone with larger calves  might not like this liner.  It takes up a lot of volume that you might need otherwise.   Lastly, no matter how good the review is, I would never recommend purchasing any liner or boot sight unseen.  Always try before you buy..


Pros: relatively low volume, easy to work on

Cons: would have preferred the 130RD so I has less volume to start with

This is a proper boot - would have preferred the 130 RD so I had the better liner and lower volume to start with but there were none left by the time I got around to understanding that the Head was the best boot shape (internal) for me.


Boot punches well so popular with my fitter. Did not even bother with stock liner, went with Intuition, custom foot bed. Punch for second toe, slight punch for forefoot width (heated and cooled this one out since), lots of pfaffing (me not the boot) with cuff alignment and shims to achieve total alignment. Punches for ankle so that I can angulate the foot. Feel that we are finally getting there and I am almost at final canting decision and shaving and plating the soles. Was folding them the first couple of outings but have has second rivet fitted (120 flex) and thinking of getting the third fitted as well. Added Booster instead of power strap but have powerstrap around top of liner to keep it close to my shin.


Generally keeps water out, easy to get into and out of and drys out easily over night.


Over all an excellent boot for my foot shape and skiing and I am looking forward to being able to get in a 130RD next season.




Head Skis USA Raptor 120 RS Ski Boot - Men's

Head s Raptor 120 RS Ski Boot is the prime predator up on the mountain. This race boot has a 120-flex index that won t wimp out on you when things get critical at high speeds. The aggressive, race-inspired stance encourages cheek-flapping velocities and ninja-like carves, and the tight 98mm last ensures precision feel and power transmission. Head gave this burly boot double canting adjustment so you can dial them to suit your anatomy, be it knock-kneed or bowlegged.

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Size: 27.0608030-270792460764027
Size: 26.0608030-260792460764003
Size: 25.0608030-250
Size: 24.5608030-245
Size: 23.5608030-235
Size: 22.5608030-225
Size: 30.5608030-305
Size: 28.5608030-285792460764058
Size: 28.0608030-280792460764041
Size: 26.5608030-265
Size: 24.0608030-240792460763976
Size: 29.0608030-290
Size: 25.5608030-255792460763990
Size: 27.5608030-275792460764034
Size: 29.5608030-295
Size: 23.0608030-230
Size: 22.0608030-220
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