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Head Raptor 130 RS Ski Boots 2012


Pros: precise, powerful boot. Great tight heel pocket and ankle fit

Cons: The jury's still out on the buckles.

Per Head: "There’s a fine line between stiffness for power and flex for comfort. We know exactly where it is. Featuring Performance Pro liner, Flex Stance Performance and Rear Support Tuning. For expert skiers."   



  • Last: RS 1800cc/98
  • Shell: PU
  • Liner: Performance Pro, Anatomical Sport Frame Footbed, 40mm Double Power Booster Velcro Strap
  • Buckles: 4 micro-adjustable Spineflex Racing Alloy buckles
  • Features: Flex Stance Performance Tuning, Double Canting, Rear Support Tuning, FIS approved Sole Thickness
  • flex index 140/130/120, 98mm last


Commensurate with the manufacture's description, this is a powerful, precise tool that allows the skier to meld the full length of the foot to the sole of the boot. From there, everything that happens in the boot goes straight to the ski. Progressive flex? No, not even out of the box at 120. For all mountain western skiing, this will be plenty for the 99% under 210-220 lbs. Racer or a hard pack specialist? Add the second screw and you're at the advertised 130. Add the third, and it's 140.  If you have a narrow heel and flat feet, this boot should be near the top of the 'try on' list next time you're at the shop.


The best uses for this boot? IMHO only of course, but all mountain @ 120 for a powerful skier, crushing midweek league races (or any level of racing at 140), and anyone looking for a 'next level' boot that truly is capable of transmitting the smallest footwork balance movements to the ski. Like any boot though, don't buy a brand, buy a fit. If this shoe fits, wearing it's a pleasure.  The Raptor 115 RS will provide the same fit  and also provide great performance with only a little less beef. The price listed, $750, is what you usually find at the shop. MSRP is $999. This was a pro form purchase.




Tester Info:

Age: 49

Height/Weight: 6', 205

Average days on snow: 0-10, 11-25, 30+  (pick one)

Years Skiing: 0-5, 6-15, 15+  (pick one)

Head Raptor 130 RS Ski Boots 2012

Head Raptor 130 RS Ski Boots 2012: Are you ready to be among the fastest in the world? The Head Raptor 130 RS race boot is the boot for professional-level racers in need of a boot that can keep up with them. The Head Raptor 130 RS features flex stance performance tuning for a custom and adjustable flex and fit.

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