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Head PRO SKI BOOT BAG HEATABLE - Bode Miller Limited edition Reviews


A Great Carrier, You Get what You Pay For.


Pros: Well organized, well-designed, three heat settings

Cons: Price, delicate material in goggle pocket

This is a nicely designed carrier. The main compartment seems to have been designed for my Raptor 120 boots (313mm), they fit perfectly. The space over the top of the buckles is given over to a top-loading mesh bag in which you can place other items for drying/warming. I'll be using this for trips too since it is (seems) well made enough for carry-on. The bag seems well constructed. Shoulder straps look to be stitched in but so were those on my Surefoot boot bag. Those straps are still fine, it was the zippers on the Surefoot bag that started to go after 10 years so I don't anticipate this being an issue. The material in the goggle pocket is delicate. Some of mine caught in the the zipper...
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