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Head 2014 Rev 98


Pros: Very quick turning and lively

Cons: Soft snow bias so edge grip not as strong as some other stiffer skis

I am 5 7", 154 lbs and an advanced skier (double blacks). Tried the Head Rev 98 170 cm on a demo day in Whistler in spring conditions and loved them. Found them to be light feeling, lively, very quick to turn and a ton of fun. Not as grippy as say the new 2015 Mantra or maybe even the Bonafide but a much more enjoyable ride than those two if you are not a charger. 


Of the other two, I preferred the Mantra (170 cm) which has a damp solid feel underfoot and is very stable at speed but still carves well and is reasonably lively. I found the Bonafide (173 cm) heavy and reluctant to initiate although the payoff was rock solid stability once up to speed on the groomers but you don't buy skis these wide for groomers and the Bonafides felt like a lot of ski to haul around. tried them in fairly firm mid size moguls too and they still felt big. Maybe a bigger heavier skier would have liked the Bonafides better but for my money, the Rev 98 would be my choice, especially in soft snow conditions.


Pros: Easy, quick turning but still able to make medium to long-gs turns if wanted. Very Predictable! Enough "hard" snow performance (for me anyways).

Cons: Definately a soft snow bias. While it grips on hard(er) pack its more comfortable in softer snow - no surpise.

About me -

190 lb, 6' 1"

46 year old Midwest Skier

8 PSIA (per folks familiar with the rating, I'm not) - good but not perfect technique, comfortable on all runs

Raced through college, 18 years off, been skiing 15-20 the past 2 seasons since coming back to the sport

Other skis owned

2011 Head Super Shape i.Speeds

2011 Head i.Peak 90

2005 Elan S-12


Got these to replace the Head Peak 90's as the fat(ter) ski in my 2 ski mid-west quiver.  On first inspection I would say they look sharp, my wife didn't like the graphics at all so each to there own.  They definitely appear to be much wider than the 98mm would lead you to believe.  I think that's in large part due to the relatively wide tips.  The say rocker but it is not apparent when the ski are placed together - only when you put them flat on the ground does the rocker become evident and it is not much.  More of what I would call an early rise.  The tail is rounded and has some "rise" but NOT a twin tip.  Flex seems "medium" to me, seems pretty even through the entire ski except the last 6"-8" of tail which seems a touch softer.  The Peaks are definitely softer (throughout the ski).  My friend has Bones, we agreed they (the bones) may be a touch stiffer but based on comments here and elsewhere I expected them to be much more apparently stiffer - they were not.  To be clear, they are not race carver stiff but they are not noodles either - so I call that medium... 


So - how did they ski?  To be fair, I did not have them in ideal conditions for a 98mm ski.  We received 10" of heavy wet snow followed by single digit temps which made for chalky to downright hard snow in some places.  Enough loose snow along the edges to get some feel for loose snow performance.  There was also some crud - hard snow chunks and frozen piles - so I got some feel for the ski in "crud" as well.  In short - much firmer than these conditions and I would have grabbed the speeds but as it was I left them in the car and skied the Rev's all day.  In short - I had a lot of fun on this ski.  While it was easy to jump on and ski it got better as I got more familiar with it.  By the end of the day I was making turns with this ski I haven't made since college - very big grin!!


I want to be fair - I did not push the speed so I cannot review that.  I have read some reviews that the Rev's in general have a speed limit - the wider ones (90mm and up) more so than the narrower ones(85mm and down).  Within the envelope I skied them - they were comfortable with no real chatter or objection to making higher speed gs'y type turns.  Just tip them and turn - very easy.  Tips engage nicely (and very predictably), pull you across the fall line, release and repeat.  They are not a powerful ski so if you're looking for that type of ski - look elsewhere.  These are just a very smooth (damp) ski that make nice arcs with no fuss.  IF that was all they could do - they would be boring (at least for me).  Literally almost too easy to ski (if that's possible).  As I got more time on them - I started to experiment with some different turn shapes.  This is where they caused me to grin BIGTIME...  I was on one of my favorite runs at my regular slope - I decided to really "attack" it.  I got into a forward "race" position and just started making turns - holy crap!  I found myself making perfect little slalom arcs with the ski's just crossing from side to side like they were on auto pilot.  I got to the bottom and said that had to be a fluke.  I have to try that again - did it again, same results!!  Did it again and again and again!!  To be clear, it was not work to "make" them ski like this - but you do have to be foreward on the balls of your feet.  To be clear, these were not slarves or smears (these skis will do that as well) - these were clearly defined "carved" small turns.  It was TONS of fun.


Ski them "neutral" very easy almost vanilla ski - get forward on them and they will make nice tight slalom like arcs.  They do not have a split personality - I would just say they have an ability to do many different things well some of which may surprise you (in a very good way).  With only one day on them - I can say I like them, A LOT.  Certainly not a ski for everyone - while it can make bigger turns at speed, I would not call it a crusher big mountain ski.  I would call it more of a finesse ski that will reward good technique.  Much more playful than any Head ski I've ever owned or skied - less all business and more "engaging" - come let me show you what I can do...  Hope this review helps - if any questions, let me know!  Ciao!

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Head 2014 Rev 98

2014 Head Rev 98, 184 cm's - 139-99-125, r 18.1m

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