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Hakuba Happoone Ski Resort Reviews


Deep pow and cheap tickets


Pros: LOTS of snow, good incline, not too crowded

Cons: Often snowy (not sunny), Maritime conditions, limited nightlife

  Great terrain, world-class waist-deep powder, beautiful scenery.  The mountain provides surprising variety in terrain, with good steeps and a few glades if you know where to look, however it can be quite dangerous if you don't know where to look as they have a lot of often-buried metal retaining walls off the main slopes.  There was ~40" of powder on the slopes when I visited and there was little grooming done.  It made things a bit cruddy in the afternoons once things had been chopped up, but mornings were full of face shots and beautiful lines.  It snowed more or less non-stop for the three days I was there, and was one of the most memorable...
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