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Granite Peak Reviews

Positive Reviews


One of the best by Midwest standards.


Pros: Good variety of terrain, updated and modern lifts and buildings

Cons: Little more pricey then your typical midwest resort

Granite Peak is an excellent midwest resort. Alot of different terrain to seek out. One of the few resorts in the midwest that your not bored by noon with. Quite a few run though there 72+ runs they advertise are misleading. They name the top part of run and the bottom part of the run. Reality more around 40 to 45 runs. They also have many tree gladed runs(about 7 to 8). Most tree runs are pretty blue but it allows the kids to have fun and let them tune there skills in the trees. They also have 3 mogul runs. I'm not a big park guy but I play in it here and there. But overall its the best I've seen in the midwest. Some boarders I talk to say its one of the best in the midwest. They have...
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Negative Reviews


Greedy and overpriced


Pros: Decent runs for the midwest

Cons: Overpriced and no longer family friendly. New price of $79 is ridiculous

Granite Peak used to be a family friendly and reasonable value until they turned greedy. Seriously $79 a day?? They boast saving money instead of going out West...really?? If you shop the deals you can get much better prices going out West than $79 / day. So many things have changed at Granite Peak mostly negative. The only positive are the newer lifts. The only deal would be to buy a season pass as a local. They used to let families bring small coolers as the food was not very healthy and it was more affordable. This let more families experience skiing. It seems corporate greed has taken over and they need to pay for the improvements to the lifts and the lodge. If you are...
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NOT nearly the 700 feet of Vert Claimed!


Pros: Steep pitch at top of hill (250-300 feet with 27-34 degree pitch)

Cons: 400-450 feet bottom of hill is nearly FLAT!! (10-12 degree pitch)

Nice new buildings at village with two high speed chairs 1 quad & 1 six seater. Good park skiing at top of hill. Claim of 70+ runs is exaggerated by naming top & bottom of runs differently. Still nice options for a day of skiing the approximately 40+ runs. The North wall maintains better conditions than the rest of the hill throughout the day. (Faces North...) Worth a 3-4 hour drive after skiing Chestnut Mountain, Devils Head and Cascade for comparison if coming from the south. If coming from the west or north, I suggest you keep driving to the U.P.

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Expensive and disappointing


Pros: In Wisconsin

Cons: Expensive - flat runs

Ouch.  $65 to ski in Wisconsin.  I used to ski here when it was called Rib Mountain.  It wasn't anything special then, but I thought somehow it must be better with the upgrades that have been so aggressively marketed.    I should know that no matter how many renovations, they don't "grow" mountains bigger.  So, it is the same mountain.  The initial run from the top is a fast dive and fun, but about 85% of the mountain is flat as a farm field.   The lifts have been upgraded and there is an upscale look, but you absolutely do NOT get a $65.00 ski day experience from Granite Peaks.   IMO, this is an extremely overpriced dud. ...
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Disappointing Skiing


Pros: nice lifts and lodges

Cons: Expensive, flat terrain, poor snow, not worth the drive

I arrived at Granite Peak with high expectations and left very disappointed.  In the early 2000’s Rib mountain was purchased and rename Granite Peak.  The ski area underwent a major expansion including a high speed lift and three additional new lifts.  The ski area now boasts the 3rd largest vertical drop in the Midwest.  (after Mt Bohemia and Lutsen)  Despite all of these upgrades, the skiing is still inferior to more southern ski areas.   My observations:   The biggest problem is that the ski runs are steep for the top 15% and then get extremely flat.  You barely move on the bottom 85%.  The alternative ski areas 2 hours north...
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Granite Peak


Pros: Tallest in the midwest, people were nice, good lifts

Cons: Probably not the best place for a beginner; crumby terrain park

Well, I thought it was expensive for what you got. The facilities are nice, everything is well maintained, but still expensive. Grooming was great. Be advised the slope faces North, and the winds freeze the snow rock solid overnight. Nice if you want to carry some speed, scary if you're just starting out. The more difficult runs are up top and then the beginner runs are very, very easy at the bottom. There is little in between; that is to say, the blues are hard blues and the greens are easy greens. It makes moving up scary for a first timer, and spending time down on the lower sections with you 1st-timer friend gets pretty boring. Terrain was ok, but again, no real basic boxes set up for...
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McSki in Wisconsin


Pros: The cool TV's in the bar!

Cons: everything else

Some runs at Rib Mountain are sorta steep for the first 100 feet, then they flatten WAAAAAYYYY out. If the wind is blowing from the north, you will likely have to skate just to get to the lift - it's that flat. But the snow isusually nice a hard due to the massive snowmaking and wind-blasted exposure. Lift ticket prices are unreal as well - I guess they gotta pay for all the lifts and killer parking lot and fabulous lodge somehow. Really - there are way better options in the general vicinity. White Cap. Marquette, even Brule is probably a better option. I've only been to Devil's Head in the summer for DH races, but I'll bet that place is way more fun than Rib. I'd recommend Bohemia, but...
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