GoPro HD Helmet HERO Camera Reviews


Love this little cam


Pros: compact, HD, versatility

Cons: no zoom, not good at high contrast

This thing is just about perfect.  I own a Nikon F4, Nikon D200 and a Panasonic Lumix P&S.  This little baby really work well, takes excellent HD videos.  I've found that I'm wasting my time using it on super sunny days because the snow is totally blown out.  I've also used it for scuba diving and it worked really well with the underwater wrist attachment.  I plan to use on my new mountain bike next year.

Best Helmet Cam ever


Pros: Great picture quaility, easy to mount

Cons: looks kinda weird on your helmet but who cars

This helmet cam is great! It is so easy to use and takes some of the best video and pictures i have ever seen with a camera of its size. For only 300 dollars, every penny was worth it. I love this cam and probably will never replace it, unless go pro makes a new one!

Great performer, light, and doesn't need anything extra


Pros: Easy to use, excellent image quality

Cons: Lack of good microphone when encased, no audio input, no LCD

 Used this for a few days at Chamonix, and the pictures were excellent. I'd have to bring my DSLR to improve on the photos, and this takes HD video too. No problems with choppiness, and dealt with shade and glare quite well. I would like a detachable circular polariser, but it's still an excellent little camera with plenty of mounting options, good durability, and a great wide-angle lens.