Goode Composite Poles


Pros: Balance, weight, safety

Cons: none

These poles made a big difference for me as they don't drag in the wind, which helps the swing of the pole.  The carbon poles don't bend and give more shock relief for the wrist and elbow.  Pole comes with removeable straps, powder and racing baskets and length can be adjusted by unlocking the grip and twisting.  The straps will release if caught on a lift, tree or fence, or if you need to escape from the strap.  This can be a significant safety feature.  The strap attaches to the inter-loc hook, which also works with glove Inter-Loc system, that I have not tried.  I have been able to order replacement straps and baskets, and customer service is very good.


Pros: Everything he said

Cons: Price

Back before I had kids, I spent $120 on a set of Goode poles.  It was way too much to spend for poles, but like I said I did not have kids back then.


Anyway, they have been absolutely great.  The are as good as new.


Unlike the other reviewer, I did not buy the Goode gloves.  In fact, I looked for them and could not find them.  A couple of years ago, I bought a pair of Leki trigger grips from a guy that broke a pole.  I removed the Goode grip and replaced it with the Leki.  I had to build up the pole with Gorilla tape, since the Goode shaft is thinner than the Leki.  I epoxied the grips on.  It is a great setup.


A week or so ago, I rode up the hill with an instructor.  He was staring at my poles and asked me how I got Leki grips on a Goode pole.  He is the local Leki rep and was amused by the hybrid.


Pros: Light,strong,adjustable,Liki is now making the integrated system with the glove now but Goode was first.

Cons: None at all really

They are worth every penny. They are thin and Strong. The integrated gloves are top of the line! I just replaced my original glove with the new top line leather ones and couldn't be happier!!! minus 30 they still keep my hands warm! The nice thing about the clip in pole/glove system is the ergonomic position of your hand and pole for making pole plants. Its a natural feel. Totally stoked with mine. You will love them to!


Pros: light, aerodynamic, strong poles after two weeks

Cons: integrity and thus durability of the G strap clip is poorly constructed

My wife was run into from behind by a weaving snowboarder ~2.5 weeks ago on a trail leading to and near the STBT area while tending to our nephew's wife who had fallen on her snowboard.  She suffered some bruises, soreness, knee swelling but he snapped one of her 15 year old Scott composite ski pole.  He apologized, didn't offer to pay for anything and rode off before I arrived or ski patrol could be notified.


After significant research we purchased (1//3/11) two pairs of Goode 10.4 CF ski poles from level nine just one week ago.  They arrived in ideal shape but after only two 1/2 days of use the metal clip on the 'G' strap (that attaches to the interloc grip) broke in two.  Examining the broken clip, it appears to be more like cheap, chrome plated, pot metal rather than the heavier appearing metal used on the 'regular' Goode wrist straps and is not "closed loop" construction (like the wrist strap) but is a linear piece of metal with four, 90 degree bends without weld (inherently weaker).  I contacted Rick@Goode and he mentioned they have no more G straps but would have more straps in autumn (uh, like 8 months from now and with 60% of the 2010-11 ski season remaining) and he would put me on a list.  Waiting to hear from Level 9....I tried to use Goode's web site forum (1/16/11)  though the registration page will not allow registration nor posting since there is no visible image to input/register/confirm.


Not an engineer but I believe there may be a quality control issue with metal composition and non closed loop construction used in these G strap interloc clips and have some concerns about Goode customer service.


Pros: Light weight, grip comfort, strap release, durability.

Cons: Ummmmmm.....none?

I purchased my first pair of Goode Tiger 9002s in 1980-something, and have loved, loved, loved them ever since. Even today they're still going strong. The grips and straps are comfy, the baskets are strdy, and the poles are light weight and exceptionally resilient. I'm impressed that the releasable strap has saved my hand/arm a couple of times over the years during chairlift shenanigans, but it also meant a lost strap off the Storm Peak chair at Steamboat one year. A quick e-mail to Goode resulted in a cost-free replacement set of straps within a few days. One of the straps on hubby's pair has come unstitched over the years, as well, but still....


I'm just amazed that these poles feel so great and have lasted so long. Big thumbs up!

Goode Composite Poles

Composite Shaft pole's so they won't break or bend; virtually unbreakable; perfect for the accomplished skier who wants a stronger shaft with better swing weight or the advancing skier who falls on their poles a lot and doesn't want to keep replacing them.

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