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Giro Seam Helmet for Ski/Snowboard, 2010


Pros: comfortable, highly adjustable, warm, vented, lightweight, stylish

Cons: slight goggle slippage

Fantastic helmet.  Very lightweight, extremely comfortable and adjustable to fit just about any melon out there, fully adjustable venting, and very stylish.  You won't look like a bowling ball in this thing!  One nice subtle, but important, thing is there is little wind noise into the earflaps when moving at higher speeds on the slopes.  Some helmets are brutal with wind noise.  There's a little rubberized "deflector" at the leading edge of the earflaps; obviously Giro did their aerodynamics homework.


My ONLY criticism is due to the shape of the front part of the helmet where it meets the brim, goggles that are pulled off your face and sitting on the brim are slightly prone to slipping a bit.  Even with the grippy surface on the inside of the goggle strap, they tend to slide back unless you position the goggles right against the brim.  Not a big deal at all, just a very minor thing to keep in mind.  Other than that, excellent helmet!


And look around for clearance sales, there are some phenomenal deals on the Seam.


Pros: Awesome Fit

Cons: None

Bought this after trying on several makes and models in the UK (Smith, Salomon, Giro, Sweet etc.)


Used for skiing in the Arctic Circle, so temps were around -20 degrees C. Didn't need a skull cap underneath as the vents in their closed position did the trick.


It is at the high and of market, but you get the fit and performance. Cost a little high maybe, but I paid it as you can't put a price on comfort, can you?


The fit system seamed (no pun intented) more comfortable than that in Giro's lesser models.


An added plus, as with all helmets, is you don't have to worry about looking after your lenses when you don't want your goggles on. Stops them from being scratched or steaming up!!!


Pros: Comfortable and stylish

Cons: expensive

Great helmet, looks great, and helps keep the head warm in Quebec's cold winters.
Giro Seam Helmet for Ski/Snowboard, 2010

The ALL NEW 2010 Giro Seam Helmet for ski and snowboard takes the place of the venerable Giro Fuse in the Giro lineup. The Seam looks more like a G10 than the Fuse, but we like it - a lot! (Got to get one for ME) The new Giro Seam helmet has a new and improved Thermostat vent system, which allows you to open and close the vents on the helmet "on the fly", using a slider on the top of the helmet. There are a total of 12 SuperCool vents on the helmet, making airflow awesome and cooling fast and efficient. Plus, up front near the mini-bill, is the Giro Stack Vent - vents that are designed to match up with your goggles (Giro goggles in particular), so that hot air is vented out of the top of your goggles and around the top of your helmet. A terrific addition that makes the Giro Helmet/Giro Goggle Lock Up more interesting than ever. Inside the Giro Seam helmet, the Giro In-Form Fit System - introduced a few years ago - sets the standard for adjustable fit systems in the snow helmet market. Rotate the dial to adjust the fit to match your head shape and size, bringing a long enjoyed fit system technology from the bike helmet world into snow helmets. The Giro Seam helmet meets ASTM F2040 and CE EN1077 safety standards. The Giro Seam: sleek, new, light, styling edge - get one now. Better yet, get one and lock it up with a matched set of Giro Goggles!

SizeM (55.5-59.0cm)
ColorMatte White
Product GroupSports
TitleGiro Seam Helmet for Ski/Snowboard, 2010
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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