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Giro Omen Helmet Reviews


Giro Helmet


Pros: Giro Helmets

Cons: Cycle Helmets

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Giro Omen


Pros: Great design, sturdy, good looks

Cons: high priced helmet, and in-form frame can cause irritation

 I have been teaching in the Omen for two seasons  now.  It is a solid helmet with good looks.  It weights slightly more than others.  The ventilation is excellent, and the ventilation hole sliders build into the helmet are excellent.  I owned a Giro g9 prior to the Omen.  The G9 had rubber stoppers which came out of the helmet and were promptly lost.  No worries with the Omen.  The inform fit system is excellent and you can adjust the fit on the fly.  However, if you don't have much hair to cushion the internal in-form frame can irritate your melon.  I wear a skull cap on cold days and I find that it helps with the cushioning.

Happy Omen camper


Pros: Fit, vent system, style

Cons: Goggle clip

Can only say I love wearing my Omen. Comfortable for all day - never need to take it off. I love the vents - I use them all day long. Like others the rear goggle clip bothers me. I have Smith Phenom goggles and they have the split strap that the Omen fails in dealing with. I also had to trim my goggles with a knife to get a good match. I haven't found a pair of goggles that match well - but as my Smiths are pretty new I haven't looked hard either. I know the reviewer that has replaced his clip with a simple strap. I don't keep my goggles on my helmet all day like him (I pocket them) - so won't have the same issues - yet you should expect a better clip. Overall though I love Giro helmets...
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Decent helmet, odd goggle clip, bad QC on mine.


Pros: Looks sharp, Pretty comfortable, Excellent ventilation

Cons: Smith goggles don't work well, Helmet I received was damaged

I was not particularly impressed with the Giro Omen.   The helmet is fairly comfortable, and has excellent ventilation (with dual adjustments to plug some or all of the vent holes).  It also looks pretty good, and comes in a huge variety of colors and styles.   Two major things killed it for me:   1) The clip that holds the goggle strap in place is a very odd design (that, as far as I can tell, is only used on this helmet by Giro.)  This does NOT work well with any goggle strap that has a snap-together clasp in the middle (like almost all Smith goggles do). 2) The helmet I received had the plastic shell piece in the front coming loose and starting to pry off from the helmet body.  Several...
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Good fit, excellent ventilation,


Pros: Good fit and excellent ventilation and warmth

Cons: Poor goggle clip design; outer skin is so slippery goggles slip off if placed on front edge of helmet

As indicated above great helmet for safety, warmth, ventilation and fit.  The helmet clip barb did not last long, the tip of the barb was broken off and I repaired it with Araldite.  The buckles and fittings on my Smith OTG goggles are not very compatible with the helmet clip.  I tend to park my goggles on the helmet as I wear glasses, only bringing the goggles to my face in poor weather or if skiing fast enough to make my eyes tear.  The goggles were not easy to keep in place on the helmet either stationary or skiing.  I installed the hook side of some velcro on strategic parts of the helmet to retain the goggles, that works, however the goggles foam face liner is eventually damaged.  I...
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