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Giro Nine.9


Pros: Very comfortable, good venting, lightweight, warm enough for most conditions

Cons: No "on the fly" venting adjustability, tons of people have them

Great helmet.  If you don't believe me, go to roughly any ski resort in the the US - it's still probably one of the most popular helmets out there.  And for good reason.  It's lightweight, has a great fit, nice venting, and most goggles mesh perfectly with the cut.  It's actually more comfortable than just a beanie and goggles.  It's pretty warm as well, but if you wear a thin skullcap underneath it's basically warm enough for anything.  I also recently got the TuneUps kit for it, which has worked great as well.  Sure Giro has the G9 out now, but if you want a cheap helmet you can find the Nine.9 for under $50... and it's still a great way to protect you head.

Giro Nine.9

Lighter. Tougher. Cooler. Sure, its easy to settle for two-thirds of what you want in a helmet but its just as easy to get a Giro Nine.9. In-Mold technology that fuses a tough polycarbonate outer shell directly to the helmets interior liner. In short this creates a helmet with 12 larger vents and less material giving you a lighter cooler helmet. Also available with Skullcandy TuneUps kit for mp3/phone capability.

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