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Giro G9 Helmet

100% Positive Reviews
Rated #27 in Ski Helmets


Pros: Fit, ventilation, weight

Cons: Not the most stylish

I'm usually a full-coverage, racing-style helmet guy, but I bought the Giro as a change of pace.  It fits well and vents nicely, though it's not the most stylish lid on this rock.  This model can often be found for cheap - worth the extra hunting for a nice lid.
Giro G9 Helmet

The G9's freestyle inspired looks and state of the art protection helps give you the confidence to stomp that new trick you've been working on. The G9 Helmet's impact- absorbing foam liner takes the brunt of huge impacts, so your brain doesn't have to. The tough polycarbonate outer shell will take multiple seasons of small hits. Once you get tired of the park, hike the ridge for some freshies. Giro gave the G9 helmet 12 vents to keep you cool and comfortable on the way up. If the temperature drops and the wind picks up on top, plug the vents with the included Weatherstrip vent plugs. The G9's ample venting and light weight make it an excellent choice for backcountry riding as well.

Recommended UseFreeride, all terrain
Manufacturer Warranty1 year
Weight(13.5oz) 383g
Material[Shell] Polycarbonate, [Liner] EPS
Ventilation12 vents with included plugs
AdjustabilityAdjustable strap with clip buckle
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White, Size: XL2004883361857249814
Color: Teal, Size: M2010593361857270535
Color: Matte Brown, Size: L2010597361857270573
Color: Ash, Size: S2004876361857249746
Color: Light Blue, Size: S2004896361857249944
Color: Matte Brown, Size: S2010595361857270559
Color: Matte Red Morocco, Size: L2010600361857270603
Color: Matte Red Morocco, Size: XL
Color: Matte Black, Size: L2004874361857249722
Color: Matte Black, Size: M2004873361857249715
Color: Matte Sepia, Size: L2004889361857249876
Color: Matte Sepia, Size: M2004888361857249869
Color: Matte Sepia, Size: S2004887361857249852
Color: Pink, Size: L
Color: Pink, Size: S2004893361857249913
Color: Pink, Size: XL
Color: Silver, Size: M2004891361857249890
Color: Silver, Size: XL
Color: Teal, Size: L2010594
Color: Teal, Size: XL
Color: White, Size: L2004882361857249807
Color: Ash, Size: L2004878361857249760
Color: Light Blue, Size: XL
Color: Pink, Size: M2004894361857249920
Color: Matte Sepia, Size: XL
Color: Matte Red Morocco, Size: M2010599361857270597
Color: Matte Brown, Size: XL
Color: Teal, Size: S2010592361857270528
Color: White, Size: M2004881361857249791
Color: Ash, Size: XL2004879361857249777
Color: Matte Red Morocco, Size: S2010598361857270580
Color: Matte Brown, Size: M2010596361857270566
Color: Matte Black, Size: XL2004875361857249739
Color: White, Size: S2004880361857249784
Color: Ash, Size: M2004877361857249753
Color: Matte Black, Size: S2004872361857249708