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Giro G10 MX Helmet Reviews


Giro G10 MX Helmet


Pros: Comfortable, sun protection, ventilation.

Cons: Can't think of one.

I haven't tried the helmet yet (got it new off eBay for $88), but just wanted to respond to sanigene's criticism of the helmet due its lack of a "goggle gasket". One of the reasons I bought the helmet is that it has what Giro calls a "Vertical Tuning Adjustment", which was developed precisely to eliminate the gap between the goggle and the helmet and nose pinching from the goggle pushing down on the nose. Check out the video on al the adjustments for this helmet on the Giro web site - http://www.giro.com/en-us/products/snow-helmets/g10mx/   Here's a followup, since I skied a week with the helmet in Utah the last week of February, 2010. First of, I had never skied with a helmet before, so...
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Likes it


Pros: Comfy, light, vent covers

Cons: No goggle gasket included

The helmet is very comfortable for my big noggin (size xl).  The ventilation is really good and has a built in switch to close the vents off.  So far I have not had problems being too hot or too cold in temp ranges from +5_C to -10_C. The only fault that I have is that the helmet did not include a goggle gasket to bridge the gap between the top of my goggles and bottom of the helmet rim...this could make for a cold forehead on very cold days, but has not been a problem yet.

Giro with style


Pros: Light, warm well ventilated, visor

Cons: vent plugs could be lost, goggles hard to stow with visor

Nice lightweight helmet. I like the visor to provide some sun protection.  Warm in cold weather, this helmet also ventilates well for spring.  Does not fit all goggles as the visor may interfere with large frames.