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Giro G10 MX Helmet


Pros: Comfortable, sun protection, ventilation.

Cons: Can't think of one.

I haven't tried the helmet yet (got it new off eBay for $88), but just wanted to respond to sanigene's criticism of the helmet due its lack of a "goggle gasket". One of the reasons I bought the helmet is that it has what Giro calls a "Vertical Tuning Adjustment", which was developed precisely to eliminate the gap between the goggle and the helmet and nose pinching from the goggle pushing down on the nose. Check out the video on al the adjustments for this helmet on the Giro web site - http://www.giro.com/en-us/products/snow-helmets/g10mx/


Here's a followup, since I skied a week with the helmet in Utah the last week of February, 2010.
First of, I had never skied with a helmet before, so I cannot compare to others, except that I tried several on before going with the Giro G10 MX. Second, I'll never go back to skiing without a helmet - it just felt great, skiing with a helmet made me feel more protected or bulletproof, or something. One day was very cold, and I wore a biking helmet "skull cap" under it that I've had forever and a nice neck gaiter and I was really comfortable. The other days I didn't wear a hat, and none of those were warm. The helmet was very comfortable, and I could hear other speaking easily, and had very good visibility. There was a small gap above one pair of my goggles, but they are nearly 20 yrs old, and the other pair fit perfectly. However, I decided to upgrade goggles, and went with the Giro Root, the one Giro recommends for the G10 helmet, so the gap issue will now vanish.

Overall, a great helmet.


Pros: Comfy, light, vent covers

Cons: No goggle gasket included

The helmet is very comfortable for my big noggin (size xl).  The ventilation is really good and has a built in switch to close the vents off.  So far I have not had problems being too hot or too cold in temp ranges from +5_C to -10_C.

The only fault that I have is that the helmet did not include a goggle gasket to bridge the gap between the top of my goggles and bottom of the helmet rim...this could make for a cold forehead on very cold days, but has not been a problem yet.


Pros: Light, warm well ventilated, visor

Cons: vent plugs could be lost, goggles hard to stow with visor

Nice lightweight helmet. I like the visor to provide some sun protection.  Warm in cold weather, this helmet also ventilates well for spring.  Does not fit all goggles as the visor may interfere with large frames.

Giro G10 MX Helmet

The Giro G10 MX Helmet gives you protection, versatility, and style all rolled up into one killer design. Utilizing in-mold construction, Giro bonds the EPS liner to the polycarbonate shell, creating a lightweight, durable, hyperventilated brain bucket. The G10 MX Helmet comes equipped with a removable visor for getting gnar in the park, rushing the trees, or hanging it out in the backcountry, but this helmet's core identity remains freestyle. 14 vents with on-the-fly adjustable control keep your brain at its perfect operating temperature, while the Goggle Notch channel keeps your goggles in place with a gapless, flush fit. The G10 MX is compatible with Giro's TuneUps audio system (sold separately).

Recommended UseFreeride, all terrain
Weight435g (15.5oz)
Material[Shell] Polycarbonate [Liner] EPS liner
Manufactuer Warranty1 Year
Ventilation14 vents with on-the-fly adjustable Thermostat control
AdjustabilityAdjustable strap with clip buckle
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White No Wave, Size: S2010559361857270191
Color: Titanium/Acid Green No Wave, Size: L2010564361857270245
Color: Titanium/Acid Green No Wave, Size: S2010562361857270221
Color: Brown Canvas G, Size: S2010565361857270252
Color: Titanium/Acid Green No Wave, Size: M2010563361857270238
Color: Brown Canvas G, Size: M2010566361857270269
Color: Brown Canvas G, Size: M2010566361857270351
Color: Matte Black, Size: M2004825361857249234
Color: White No Wave, Size: M2010560361857270207
Color: White No Wave, Size: L2010561361857270214
Color: Matte Black, Size: L2004826361857249241
Color: Brown Canvas G, Size: L2010567361857270276
Color: Matte Black, Size: S2004824361857249227