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Giro G10 Helmet


Pros: Comfortable, Well-made, Ventilated

Cons: Pricey

The Giro G10 is a well-made, solid ski helmet with adjustable ventilation.  It has a removable padded liner, and Giro's adjustable (but non-removable) sizing adjustment system.  Assuming you get a size that fits your head, it's quite comfortable.  With the vents closed it's pretty warm, and with them open it breathes pretty well.  This (and the very similar G10MX) come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, so you can find something that will match with (or garishly clash with) your outfit.


The only downside?  It's a little expensive for what you're getting.


I don't have a whole lot else to say -- it's a helmet, and it should keep your head in one piece if you smack it into something.  If you don't want to spend quite as much, you can definitely find some cheaper alternatives.


Pros: Fits my head nicely, nicks in helmet=no nicks in my scalp

Cons: I hate helmets.

I hated to buy a helmet being from the old school hats are cool age. But after having a fall that left me scrambled thoroughly I felt compelled to buy one. By my kids, that is. So I did.

They get too warm in the sun but are pretty nice to have on when it is very cold or dumping. They work well with goggles to provide a nice fit together and seem to make my Smith I/O Goggles work better by lowering the amount of air blasting through them.

It looks OK ,I guess . Mine is a  solid silver blue color. Not being very aware of stylistic concerns I am pleased with my purchase and would recommend them to another.  But beware ; helmets are a personal fit purchase and you need to try them on because a large in one style will fit completely different in another regardless of brand. So go stick your head in some and see how they might work for you.

Giro G10 Helmet

Giro designed the G10 Helmet for riders who push their limits in wide-open freeriding terrain. The wide-angle cut and gapless goggle fit insure you can see your takeoff, spot your landing, and spy everything in between with out any paranoia-inducing blind spots. In-mold construction fuses the exterior polycarbonate shell with the interior EPS liner for ultimate durability without compromising weight. 14 vents with on-the-fly adjustability combined with snap-fit, super-plush removable ear pads keep you cool, comfortable, and levelheaded regardless of the conditions. The G10 is TuneUps compatible.

Recommended UseFreeride
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Weight14.5oz (410g)
Material[Shell] polycarbonate; [Liner] EPS
Ventilation14 vents with on-the-fly adjustable Thermostat control
AdjustabilityChin strap with slidelock clip buckle
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White Wingseye, Size: S2010574361857270344
Color: Matte Pewter, Size: S2004839361857249371
Color: Matte Pewter, Size: M2004840361857249388
Color: Matte Chalk, Size: S2010568361857270283
Color: Brown Kleinsmith, Size: M2010578361857270382
Color: Matte Cornice Blue, Size: L2004853
Color: Matte Olive, Size: S2004848
Color: Matte Olive, Size: M2004849
Color: Matte Olive, Size: L2004850
Color: Matte Pewter, Size: L2004841361857249395
Color: Matte Black, Size: S2004836361857249340
Color: Matte Black, Size: M2004837361857249357
Color: Matte Olive Trees, Size: S2010571361857270313
Color: Matte Olive Trees, Size: L2010573361857270337
Color: Ice Blue Trees, Size: M2010581361857270412
Color: Matte Black, Size: L2004838361857249364
Color: Matte Olive Trees, Size: M2010572361857270320
Color: Sepia, Size: S2004842361857249401
Color: Matte Chalk, Size: M2010569361857270290
Color: Sepia, Size: M2004843361857249418
Color: Brown Kleinsmith, Size: S2010577361857270375
Color: White Wingseye, Size: L2010576361857270368
Color: White/Cranberry, Size: S2004857361857249555
Color: Brown Kleinsmith, Size: L2010579361857270399
Color: Matte Cornice Blue, Size: M2004852361857249500
Color: Ice Blue Trees, Size: S2010580361857270405
Color: Mint, Size: S2004845361857249432
Color: White Wingseye, Size: M2010575361857270351
Color: White Wingseye, Size: M2010575361857270351
Color: Matte Chalk, Size: L2010570361857270306
Color: Ice Blue Trees, Size: L2010582361857270429
Color: Matte Cornice Blue, Size: S2004851361857249494
Color: Sepia, Size: L2004844361857249425