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Giro Fuse Helmet


Pros: On-the-fly Adjustable Vents

Cons: Gapping around temples (for me)

The fuse is a pretty straightforward helmet -- with a ton of venting adjustments including on-the-go adjustable venting via a raised switch toward the back of the head.


For me, with definite heat management issues (i.e. a big sweatbag), the variable vents atop the head are great.  Open 'em up on the lift for a little cool-down, and close-em on the way down to avoid a super-chilled noggin.  Other, more major airflow adjustments are possible, but require taking the helmet off first.


The helmet is light & comfortable for my head, with the exception of some gapping around the temples on my head.  Easily remedied via a liner -- I like the shellaclava from turtle fur... YMMV.


Highly recommended helmet for anyone who wants the freedom to adjust airflow on the fly.

Giro Fuse Helmet

The Giro Fuse Helmet delivers protection and ventilation for skiers and snowboarders who want to rock out. The wide-angle cut creates a gapless fit with your goggles and won't impair peripheral vision. To create the Fuse, Giro injects an impact-absorbing EPS foam liner into a hard polycarbonate outer shell, for great protection in a low profile, lightweight, super comfortable package. Then they kit out the interior with micro-adjustable suspension so you can dial in precision fit, and punch out 16 vents in the shell to keep you cool. Giro Tuneups technology (not included) allows you to use your music player and cellular phone hands-free on the mountain.

Recommended UseSkiing, snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Shell] Polycarbonate [Liner] EPS foam
Ventilation16 closable vents
AdjustabilityAdjustable chin strap, micro-adjust dial
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Matte Black, Size: S2004794361857248923
Color: Matte Black, Size: M2004795361857248930
Color: Matte Olive, Size: XL
Color: Matte Olive, Size: L2010544361857270047
Color: Black Gold G, Size: XL
Color: Black Gold G, Size: S2010539361857269997
Color: Black Gold G, Size: M2010540361857270009
Color: Black Gold G, Size: L2010541361857270016
Color: Acid Green G, Size: S2010536361857269966
Color: Acid Green G, Size: L2010538361857269980
Color: Matte Olive/Orange, Size: S2004803361857249012
Color: Acid Green G, Size: M2010537361857269973
Color: Matte Olive, Size: S2010542361857270023
Color: Matte Black, Size: L2004796361857248947
Color: Matte Olive/Orange, Size: L2004805361857249036
Color: Matte Olive/Orange, Size: M2004804361857249029
Color: Matte Olive/Orange, Size: XL
Color: Matte Pewter, Size: L
Color: Matte Pewter, Size: M
Color: Matte Pewter, Size: S
Color: Matte Pewter, Size: XL
Color: Silver, Size: XL
Color: Snow Black, Size: L2000729361857202994
Color: Snow Black, Size: M2000728361857202987
Color: Snow Black, Size: S2000737361857202970
Color: Snow Black, Size: XL2000734361857203007
Color: Titanium, Size: M2004798361857248961
Color: Titanium, Size: S2004797361857248954
Color: Titanium, Size: XL
Color: White Gold Leopard, Size: L
Color: White Gold Leopard, Size: M2004813361857249111
Color: White Gold Leopard, Size: S2004812361857249104
Color: White Gold Leopard, Size: XL
Color: White/Cranberry, Size: XL
Color: Acid Green G, Size: XL
Color: Matte Olive, Size: M2010543361857270030
Color: Titanium, Size: L2004799361857248978
Color: Light Sky, Size: S2004815361857249135
Color: Light Sky, Size: XL
Color: Matte Blood Red, Size: L2004808361857249067
Color: Matte Blood Red, Size: M2004807361857249050
Color: Matte Blood Red, Size: S2004806361857249043
Color: Matte Blood Red, Size: XL
Color: Eggplant, Size: L118405361857230607
Color: Eggplant, Size: M118404361857230591
Color: Eggplant, Size: S118403361857230584
Color: Eggplant, Size: XL118406361857230614
Color: Light Sky, Size: L2004817361857249159
Color: Light Sky, Size: M2004816361857249142
Color: White, Size: M
Color: White, Size: S
Color: White, Size: XL