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Giro Basis Goggle

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Giro Basis Goggle

The Giro Basis goggle features a clean, Super Fit' engineered Full-size frame that delivers lavish comfort, wide-open field of view and amazing helmet compatibility. The optimized spherical dual lens is a crisp, clear window that is complemented by the frame's massive interior volume to virtually eliminate chances of fogging.

LensTrue Sight Spherical Vented Lens
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
VentilationVents on Top & Vented Lens
Face SizeMed - Large
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Matte White-Dada White/Amber Scarlet 40, Size: Spherical2020380361857307019
Color: White-Ornate White/Rose Silver 30, Size: Spherical2020378361857306999
Color: White-Tiles White/Persimmon Boost 60, Size: Spherical2020373361857306944
Color: White-Gramma'S Couch/Persimmon Boost 60, Size: Spherical2014092361857284266
Color: Matte Yellow-Big Icon/Gold Boost 75, Size: Spherical2014105361857284396
Color: Matte White-New Basic/Rose Silver 23, Size: Spherical2014099361857284334
Color: Matte White-New Basic/Rose 52, Size: Spherical2014101361857284358
Color: Gloss Black-Multi Blocks/Amber Scarlet 38, Size: Spherical2014103361857284372
Color: Matte Brown-Low/Amber Gold 24, Size: Spherical2020382361857307033
Color: Matte Black-Tonal Black/Rose Silver 30, Size: Spherical2020369361857306906
Color: Black-Tiles Cyan/Black Limo 15, Size: Spherical2020376361857306975
Color: Black-Hindsight/Persimmon Boost 60, Size: Spherical2020384361857307057
Color: Matte Black-New Basic/Clear 92, Size: Spherical2014095361857284297
Color: Gloss Black-Multi Blocks/Rose Silver 23, Size: Spherical2014104361857284389