Fox Peak Ski Area

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Trail Map
Trail Map
Fox Peak installed a new Platter Lift for 2011 making it easier for beginners and young children to enjoy skiing there. This makes Fox Peak one of the few Club Fields in NZ to have an alternative to Rope Tows
Fox Peak Platter
Fox Peak also has a groomer (unlike most club fields), whilst the grooming is not world class it does offer another option to off-piste skiing. Most of the grooming is accessed by the Tasman Tow, runs include the Shirt Front.
The beauty of Fox Peak is that you can often find fresh powder days after a storm. One reason for this is the Ski Area is often closed during the week but it also receives little traffic. The terrain also lends itself to holding powder for days especially in South Basin which gets little sun mid winter.
The best advice to visiting Fox Peak (and other Club Fields) is to befriend a local or club member. Usually they will be more than keen to literally 'show you the ropes' and the best skiing for the day. Just don't expect too much in the way of facilities and infrastructure and enjoy skiing at its grass roots level!


There is no airport close to Fox Peak although Christchurch International Airport is about 2.5 hours drive from the Ski Area.
Fox Peak is located off the main road between Christchurch and Queenstown so makes for a great stopping point to break the journey up. For driving directions to Fox Peak visit here

Fox Peak has its own on Mountain Lodge that provides reasonably priced accommodation. Other than that the closest town is the farming community of Fairlie.
Name Description Maximum Occupancy Price Range

Fox Peak Lodge


Basic Mountain Lodge, bring own sleeping bag, pillow case and towel   $25/per night



It is a good idea to bring your own food to Fox Peak although they do have a canteen on the hill. Having said this you would probably never go hungry and might even be lucky enough to find yourself at a club BBQ!

Thank you to Fox Peak for supplying the images for this guide.






Fox Peak Ski Area

Fox Peak is a no frills club field located in South Canterbury. It offers interesting terrain accessed by three Rop Tows and a Platter. Generally the field is only open on weekends so make sure you phone ahead to see if it's open. The access road is mainly on unsealed roads that can get a little rough so make sure your vehicle has good clearance. Once at the Ski Area you are rewarded with uncrowded slopes and a friendly atmosphere as you would expect from elsewhere in the NZ club scene. Unlike some other club fields Fox Peak has a platter lift (new in 2011) and grooming on some slopes making it enjoyable for beginners and families too. For back country enthusiasts Fox Peak offers excellent access to touring terrain.

Snow making percent
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Magic carpet
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow3
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Poma1
Lifts-Surface Lifts-T bar
Lifts-Surface Lifts-J bar
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Single
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-High speed quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Five person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Six person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Eight person
Lifts-Coggle train
Lifts-Total number of lifts
Lifts-Total lift capacity
Trails-4-Expert only
Trails-5-Terrain park
Trails-6-Half pipe
Runs-Steepest run
Runs-Longest run
General-Base elevation
General-Vertical drop580m
General-Mountain range
General-Annual skier visits
General-Back country accessYes
General-Total area in bounds500ha
General-Snow making coverage
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: Off the beaten track, great variety in terrain

Cons: Not always open, hard to get to

Fox Peak is a hidden gem and often forgotten about club field in New Zealand. It is a little hard to get to but well worth the drive, 4WD with a little clearance is the best way to go. Once there three rope tows offer access to all kinds of cool stuff. A few times I was there I'd have winter snow in South Bowl and then spring like conditions on the sunny aspects of North Bowl.


The charm of Fox Peak is in its grassroots no nonsense skiing with great friendly atmosphere. It is also one of the cheapest places to ski in NZ.


Pros: Lots of terrain to ski and absolutely no crowds. Friendly locals.

Cons: Takes 2.5 Hours from Christchurch

Fox Peak is my favourite area that I don't get to enough. Good vertical and very spread out area. Three rope (nutcracker) tows give 580m vertical and getting to Apex accesses the north and south slopes and basins. Tow tickets for 2011 were NZ$50.00 


Snow conditions vary from untracked powder to gorgeous spring corn to champagne ice garnished with tussock grass. Slopes and basins offer all levels of challenge, split about 50/30/20 Adv/Int/Beginner.


Friendly locals help set the relaxed scene and while having lunch you half expect to see a guy in a black singlet wander up with dogs and sheep shears.


Closest town is Fairlie which is quite small but has reasonable accomodation and eating options. Next closest is Timaru, a small city half way down the East Coast of the South Island.


Overall - Highly recommended for a visit!



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