Forum Mist Snowboard Boot - Women's

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Forum Mist Snowboard Boot - Women's

Forum kept the Women's Mist Snowboard Boot light and simple to give its wearers a solid connection to the board without the added bulk of other boots. For a price that even a dishwasher can afford, you get a removable, well-padded liner and enough underfoot cushioning to soften any landing. Forum also added a seriously grippy outsole to keep you rubber down when crossing slippery parking lots.

Recommended UseFreestyle, all-mountain
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic leather; [Sole] Origin (rubber)
Lacing SystemStandard
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 2187921009.5, Color: White, Size: 9.52187921009.5785266319133
Color: White, Size: 9.02187921009.0785266319126
Color: White, Size: 8.02187921008.0785266319102
Style: 2187921007.5, Color: White, Size: 7.52187921007.5785266319096
Color: White, Size: 7.02187921007.0785266319089
Style: 2187921006.5, Color: White, Size: 6.52187921006.5785266319072
Color: White, Size: 6.02187921006.0785266319065
Color: White, Size: 5.02187921005.0785266319058
Color: White, Size: 4.02187921004.0785266319041
Color: White, Size: 10.021879210010785266319034
Style: 2187926519.5, Color: Dark Pink, Size: 9.52187926519.5785266319140
Style: 2187926517.5, Color: Dark Pink, Size: 7.52187926517.5785266319188
Color: Dark Pink, Size: 7.02187926517.0785266319195
Style: 2187926516.5, Color: Dark Pink, Size: 6.52187926516.5785266319201
Style: 2187920019.5, Color: Black, Size: 9.52187920019.5785266318921
Color: Black, Size: 9.02187920019.0785266318938
Color: Black, Size: 8.02187920018.0785266318952
Style: 2187920017.5, Color: Black, Size: 7.52187920017.5785266318969
Style: 2187920016.5, Color: Black, Size: 6.52187920016.5785266318983
Color: Black, Size: 6.02187920016.0785266318990
Color: Black, Size: 4.02187920014.0785266319010
Color: Dark Pink, Size: 6.02187926516.0785266319218
Color: Dark Pink, Size: 10.021879265110785266319249
Style: 2187921008.5, Color: White, Size: 8.52187921008.5785266319119
Color: Dark Pink, Size: 9.02187926519.0785266319157
Style: 2187926518.5, Color: Dark Pink, Size: 8.52187926518.5785266319164
Color: Dark Pink, Size: 8.02187926518.0785266319171
Color: Dark Pink, Size: 5.02187926515.0785266319225
Color: Dark Pink, Size: 4.02187926514.0785266319232
Style: 2187920018.5, Color: Black, Size: 8.52187920018.5785266318945
Color: Black, Size: 7.02187920017.0785266318976
Color: Black, Size: 5.02187920015.0785266319003
Color: Black, Size: 10.021879200110785266319027