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Forum League SLR Snowboard Boot - Men's

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Forum League SLR Snowboard Boot - Men's

Lace up the Forum Men s League SLR Snowboard Boot and get promoted to the majors. Forum updated this comfortable classic with heel and forefoot gel inserts, and improved its speed lacing system to deliver optimal tension and hold. The League SLR s F Gel inserts soften the impact of hard landings. Forum s F1 Liner offers plenty of comfort and ankle support to charge the park, or test your mettle on big steeps. Deep heel cups lock you in so you don t flop around in your boot. Customize your fit with the speed lacing system, as well as the internal liner s lower-leg support strap.

Recommended UseUrban, freestyle, all-mountain snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] leather; [Sole] recycled rubber
Lacing SystemSpeed lacer
FlexMedium (5/10 on Forum’s scale)
Removable LinerYes, moldable
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White, Size: 14.020804110014
Style: 2080419779.5, Color: Stomper, Size: 9.52080419779.5
Color: Stomper, Size: 9.02080419779
Style: 2080419778.5, Color: Stomper, Size: 8.52080419778.5
Color: Stomper, Size: 8.02080419778
Style: 2080419777.5, Color: Stomper, Size: 7.52080419777.5
Color: Stomper, Size: 7.02080419777
Color: Stomper, Size: 14.020804197714
Color: Stomper, Size: 13.020804197713
Color: Stomper, Size: 12.020804197712
Style: 20804197711.5, Color: Stomper, Size: 11.520804197711.5
Color: Stomper, Size: 11.020804197711
Style: 20804197710.5, Color: Stomper, Size: 10.520804197710.5
Color: Stomper, Size: 10.020804197710
Color: Black, Size: 14.020804100114
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 14.020804101214
Style: 2080410011.5, Color: Black, Size: 11.52080410011.5883660198306
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 11.020804101211883660198498
Color: White, Size: 9.02080411009883660198702
Color: White, Size: 8.02080411008883660198689
Color: White, Size: 11.020804110011883660198719
Color: Black, Size: 7.02080410017883660198429
Style: 2080410128.5, Color: Black/Gum, Size: 8.52080410128.5883660198436
Color: White, Size: 13.020804110013883660198597
Style: 2080410019.5, Color: Black, Size: 9.52080410019.5883660198313
Color: Black, Size: 12.020804100112883660198399
Color: White, Size: 10.5208041100105883660198665
Style: 2080410017.5, Color: Black, Size: 7.52080410017.5883660198375
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 13.020804101213883660198443
Color: Black, Size: 10.5208041001105883660198337
Style: 2080411007.5, Color: White, Size: 7.52080411007.5883660198580
Color: Black, Size: 8.02080410018883660198412
Style: 2080410129.5, Color: Black/Gum, Size: 9.52080410129.5883660198535
Style: 2080411001.5, Color: White, Size: 11.52080411001.5883660198696
Color: White, Size: 7.02080411007883660198634
Style: 2080410018.5, Color: Black, Size: 8.52080410018.5883660198283
Color: Black, Size: 13.020804100113883660198382
Style: 2080411008.5, Color: White, Size: 8.52080411008.5883660198672
Color: White, Size: 10.020804110010883660198641
Color: White, Size: 12.020804110012883660198627
Color: Black, Size: 10.020804100110883660198351
Style: 2080411009.5, Color: White, Size: 9.52080411009.5
Style: 2080410127.5, Color: Black/Gum, Size: 7.52080410127.5883660198573
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 12.020804101212883660198481
Color: Black, Size: 9.02080410019883660198290
Color: Black, Size: 11.020804100111883660198320
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 7.02080410127883660198559
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 8.02080410128883660198450
Style: 2080410121.5, Color: Black/Gum, Size: 11.52080410121.5883660198467
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 9.02080410129883660198566
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 10.5208041012105883660198511
Color: Black/Gum, Size: 10.020804101210883660198528
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