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Forum Kicker Snowboard Boot - Men's

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Forum Kicker Snowboard Boot - Men's

The Forum Men's Kicker Snowboard Boot provides more than just lightweight performance for bigger airs; it gives you more support on those high-speed approaches to kickers and on steep landings than softer park boots. Don't worry, though; Forum's articulated cuffs and free-flexing soles give you the feel you need to tweak them just enough to slay that jib session.

Recommended UseAll-mountain freestyle snowboarding
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic leather; [Sole] F-Gel Soul
Lacing SystemTrizone
FlexMid-stiff (7 on Forum's 10-point scale)
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: 2187931009.5, Color: White, Size: 9.52187931009.5785266319546
Color: White, Size: 9.02187931009.0785266319539
Style: 2187931008.5, Color: White, Size: 8.52187931008.5785266319522
Color: White, Size: 8.02187931008.0785266319515
Style: 2187931007.5, Color: White, Size: 7.52187931007.5785266319508
Color: White, Size: 7.02187931007.0785266319492
Color: White, Size: 14.021879310014785266319461
Color: White, Size: 13.021879310013785266319454
Style: 2187931001.5, Color: White, Size: 11.52187931001.5785266319430
Style: 2187930018.5, Color: Black, Size: 8.52187930018.5785266319270
Color: Black, Size: 8.02187930018.0785266319287
Style: 2187930017.5, Color: Black, Size: 7.52187930017.5785266319294
Color: Black, Size: 7.02187930017.0785266319300
Color: Black, Size: 12.021879300112785266319379
Color: Black, Size: 11.021879300111785266319355
Color: White, Size: 11.021879310011785266319423
Color: Black, Size: 9.02187930019.0785266319263
Color: Black, Size: 14.021879300114785266319393
Color: White, Size: 12.021879310012785266319447
Color: White, Size: 10.5218793100105785266319416
Color: White, Size: 10.021879310010785266319409
Style: 2187933009.5, Color: Green, Size: 9.52187933009.5785266319690
Color: Green, Size: 9.02187933009.0785266319683
Style: 2187933008.5, Color: Green, Size: 8.52187933008.5785266319676
Color: Green, Size: 8.02187933008.0785266319669
Style: 2187933007.5, Color: Green, Size: 7.52187933007.5785266319652
Color: Green, Size: 7.02187933007.0785266319645
Color: Green, Size: 14.021879330014785266319614
Color: Green, Size: 13.021879330013785266319607
Color: Green, Size: 12.021879330012785266319591
Style: 2187933001.5, Color: Green, Size: 11.52187933001.5785266319584
Color: Green, Size: 11.021879330011785266319577
Color: Green, Size: 10.5218793300105785266319560
Color: Green, Size: 10.021879330010785266319553
Style: 2187930019.5, Color: Black, Size: 9.52187930019.5785266319256
Color: Black, Size: 13.021879300113785266319386
Color: Black, Size: 10.5218793001105785266319348
Color: Black, Size: 10.021879300110785266319331
Style: 2187930011.5, Color: Black, Size: 11.52187930011.5785266319362
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