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Flux Titan Snowboard Binding


Pros: Comfortable, responsive and tool free

Cons: Poor customer service

I've tried Drakes, Burton and other brands and Flux seems to have the best product out but their customer service needs some help.  You think that a person who purchased four set of bindgs in the last four year would at least get an email response. 

Flux Titan Snowboard Binding

Strap into the Flux Titan Snowboard Binding and turn the mountain into a cream-filled breakfast pastry. This cushy Flux binder s base and highback deliver swift responsiveness and great durability. The forward leaning highback ensures optimal responsiveness so you can show the mountain that you ve got game. The Titan s F-Tech 3D ankle strap gives you flexibility and support while minimizing the stress and pressure applied to your boot. The L-Guide FTM toe strap uses the same 3D cushioning as the ankle strap to maximize comfort and support. Low profile ratchet buckles tighten and release precisely and quickly so you can get after it seconds after hopping off the lift.

Recommended UseFreestyle snowboarding
Manufacturer WarrantyLifetime
HighbackNylon composite
Strap[Ankle] F-Tech 3D urethane; [Toe] L-Guide FTM 3D urethane
BaseplateNylon, 30% fiberglass
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: F9TT, Color: Black, Size: MF9TT-B-M4973007984832
Style: F9TT, Color: Pastel, Size: MF9TT-P-M4973007984863
Style: F9TT, Color: Black, Size: SF9TT-B-S4973007984825
Style: F9TT, Color: Black, Size: LF9TT-B-L4973007984849
Style: F9TT, Color: Pastel, Size: SF9TT-P-S4973007984856
Style: F9TT, Color: Pastel, Size: LF9TT-P-L4973007984870
Color: Orange, Size: L
Color: Orange, Size: M
Color: Orange, Size: S