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Fired Up Extreme Gear Women's Heated Glove


Pros: They look nice

Cons: Poorly insulated. Very expensive. Provide very little heat under extreme cold

After skiing for a day at Mont Tremblant Quebec I can tell you these won't stand up to extremely cold weather  

it's -19c and my hand were never better than just cold. The leather transmitts the cold right through to your fingers  

I had to tuck my hand between my legs on the chair lift. I'm a gadget guy and I really wanted them to work. I was hoping my hands would be so hot I could let my wife use them when her hands got cold. She thought I was stupid for buying them so I was determined to prove her wrong..

These gloves are not as well insulated as normal gloves, on the final run of the day the battery died. 

My hands were in so much pain it was like not having gloves on at all. Any longer than the 15 mins it took to get back would have led to frostbite. Everyone else with gloves and mitts survived just fine. Me with my Heated gloves had the coldest hands all day. 

The only time you could feel the heat was in the chalet and at home when first playing with them  

ultimately a big disappointment.  I'm going to get hot pockets for tomorrow to help since it is supposed to be colder.

im retuning them on Monday when I get home.  Gortex is a more appropriate material for this type of application  

I'm writing this review because people are saying things like they are worried it's too hot.  I'm hear to tell the person in California that's not how they perform in Canada.  

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Fired Up Extreme Gear Women's Heated Glove

The Fired Up Heated Gloves utilize FIR (Far Infra Red) Heat which is a safe and reliable and guaranteed to keep you warm in the harshest of environments. eather Exterior (Full Grain Waterproof Grade A Cowhide) Soothing Infra Red Heat (Guaranteed to never Burn User) 7 Layer construction; Leather, Foam Padding, Fired Up Heat Trapper, Thinsulate, Heating Pad, Waterproof membrane, Anti Bacterial Liner Extremely Safe Lithium Polymer Battery for portability (CE and ULC certified) Hidden Battery Pocket on upper gauntlet with waterproof zipper Three different temperature settings; High (Red Light), Medium (White Light), Low (Blue Light) Battery will last 3-4 Hours in High, 5-6 Hours in Medium and 7-8 Hours in Low 5 Minute Warm Up mode before auto switch to Medium setting to save battery ( Can be over written) Stretch Panels on fingers allows for ease of movement Pre Curved Fingers for superior dexterity Squeegee wiper on thumb to wipe face shield/goggle Touch screen leather on Index finger and Thumb for smart phone operation One Year Exchange Warranty on manufacturing defects

Removable LinerNone
Goggle WipeSqueegee, Right thumb
Nose WipeNone
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
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