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Fire on the Mountain

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Fire on the Mountain

FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN celebrates the United State's indomitable snowmen, the men of the 10th Mountain Division, America's only mountain and winter warfare troops. This award winning film is an emotional portrait of the mountain warriors' creation, grueling training, daring World War II exploits, then focuses on their next 50 years. United by their love of the mountains, the 10th attracted championship skiers & mountaineers. Their first battle was the spectacular night climb of Italy's Apennine Riva Ridge where they surprised the Germans on top. That led to a push that ended World War II a week earlier in Italy than the rest of Europe. After the war, they pioneered the United States' infant ski industry and became the backbone of its outdoor education and conservation movements. FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN comes full circle as it follows members of the 10th Mountain Division on their 1995 re-climb of Riva Ridge. Again, the Germans were waiting on top, but; this time, veterans from the United States, Austria, Germany and Italy, now members of the International Federation of Mountain Soldiers, celebrated a coming together of old foes turned friends and renewed their pledge for world peace.

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