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Elko Sno Bowl Reviews


Great home-town skiing


Pros: Fun, friendly, great ski vibe, great storytelling in the rental shack

Cons: Well, it ain't Alta by any stretch...

Glad to see I'm not the only Bear who's been to SnoBowl!   If you groove on a small-town, family-friendly, laid-back vibe that's everything skiing used to be back in the day, then you'll groove on SnoBowl.  There are all kinds of little kids just learning how to turn, miners and cowboys in their jeans and rear-entry boots, guides from the local heli-ski operation doing laps on an off-day... you can even drop in on the Willow Classic if you're up for a race.  Bring your pickup truck and a BBQ so that you can join the tailgate party.  There's 800 feet of vertical, and some days the skiing is even pretty good!   Everybody at SnoBowl is a volunteer who's...
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a gem in the desert


Pros: Small, uncrowded, real

Cons: Not much tree skiing

This is a great area.  Everything operates on a volunteer basis. The base lodge is a construction trailer, the area-boundary markers are wooden pallets, and the lift shack at the top of the chair lift is a recycled explosives shack from a nearby mine.  The views of the Ruby Mountains to the southeast are stunning.   If you're ever in Elko, cowboy up and ski the sagebrush!     I love this rating system: Snobowl is currently ranked 7th in the Western USA. It should be number 1 (take that, Mammoth and Squaw), but so it goes.