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Edelweiss Valley Ski Resort


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Montréal-Trudeau Airport


Québec City Jean Lesage International Airport


Name Description Maximum Occupancy Price Range

Le moulin de Wakefield  


27 guest rooms with pool, hot tub, spa and restaurant. 


Extra person charges may apply 

$212 and up 



The motel has 16 rustic, European style rooms and a restaurant on site.

Extra person charges may apply 

$80 and up 


La Vallée Restaurant et Motel 


7 room motel with full bath, color TV and complimentary Internet.  Restaurant on site.

Extra person charges may apply 

$59 and up










  • See Lodging for additional accommodations.

Edelweiss Valley Ski Resort

Edelweiss Valley Ski Resort boasts the greatest skiing in the Ottawa Region, and stands in the Gatineau Region. Catch some air in the snow park with jumps and modules for all levels. Edelweiss is known for its powerful and sophisticated snowmaking capabilities as well as its highly effective lifts.

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Pros: Fair range of green and blue runs. Good value spring season pass. High-speed detachable quad. Lines usually limited.

Cons: Seldom has all lifts running. Can be very hard and icy. Terrain becomes familiar all too quickly.

Like most of the hills in the Ottawa, ON, area, Edelweiss (actually in Quebec) is small, with only 200m/660ft of vertical. It claims 20 runs on 1300 acres of skiable terrain served by three quad chairs and a magic carpet. It also has a terrain park ($15 extra) and a tubing area. However, I've never seen all three quads running and, in fact, I'm not sure that I've even seen two in action simultaneously. Nevertheless, the high-speed quad does put most of the terrain in reach. Again like most of the Ottawa hills, in my relatively limited experience, the snow is hard-packed to outright icy late in the season, with patches of bare ice on steeper sections, including those on green runs. This can obviously make matters difficult for beginners and challenging even for more experienced skiers. The lodge is quite generic and the food prices are extortionate - $3.50 (IIRC) for a machine-dispensed hot chocolate, for example - but exploiting the captive market seems to be typical of ski hills.


On the positive side, the lines move quite fast even on busy days. The beginner runs are mostly wide open, so traffic is seldom a problem and new skiers can travel at their own pace. The customer service is friendly and efficient. The terrain park has what looks like a decent variety of jumps and obstacles and seems quite popular, although I'm never likely to assess a terrain park myself.


My family consists of an 11 year old beginner snowboarder, a 14 year old beginner skier, their beginner mother and their intermediate father (me). We bought spring season passes for $69 each and, with the long winters here in central Canada, we expect to get more than our money's worth. However, I think we'll probably go somewhere with more varied terrain next year.


Pros: high speed quad, tubing, snow park

Cons: lack of terrain variety - lots of flat/uphill sections

Edelweiss is one of a number of small hills near Ottawa.  I used to ski here more often when I was getting over the 'intermediate' hump of learning to ski, and some of the runs held a bit of challenge.  Coming back now, a better skier (though certainly no expert), I find the terrain to be pretty boring.  There are many places where you either have to use poles or make sure you bomb a small downhill section to get up an uphill section.  There are only small portions of the hill that offer continuous fall line skiing, and they end quickly.  Their grooming is decent, but there is no variety of terrain even at peak season - no glades or moguls.  Other hills nearby have better varieties of terrain.


For those just learning to ski, I don't recommend Edelweiss.  It has a small 'magic carpet' bunny hill area, but the next step up is to take a lift to the top and do the main green run which is a mix of 'need to bomb a short steep to make it up an uphill section', and some slopes that would be blue squares at most resorts.  The nearby Vorlage hill is a much better place for beginners.  For an intermediate comfortable on blue square terrain, Zoomer is a nice cruiser that will challenge. 


So why do many people come here?  There is a pretty advanced terrain park compared to most of the other hills in the area... and thus, the resort seems to have a lock on the skater crowd that enjoys cutting lift lines and generally being jerks around the lodge.  The resort does also have a high speed quad (though with a long line up on weekends) that gets you up the hill pretty quickly compared to other nearby hills.


The resort does offer a number of tubing runs that makes for a great day outside for people who don't ski or board.  Best place for tubing in the region.

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