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Dynafit TLT Radical FT Bindings w/ 110mm Brakes

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Pros: Still light, flip-up climbing posts, power towers

Cons: Price, clockwise only heel rotation, unproven durability

When you're unabashedly hooked on earning your turns, Dynafit inevitably comes to mind. Thereafter, the only question is which tech system binding will you get? There are other contenders now, but they largely appeal to a rando race mentality. For everyone else, Dynafit remains the best choice.

Whether you're graduating from Marker or Fritschi's tech-system proving grounds or simply realizing from the get go you're all in on this backcountry stuff, Dynafit is a can't lose way to go. As long as you're keeping your feet on the ground with an occasional drop off a small rock you're solid with Dynafit.

The new Radical family of bindings adds two major changes to their binding. The one you will appreciate the most is climbing posts that just flip up with a flick of your ski pole. You still rotate the heel piece 90 degrees to get it in touring mode, but then you just flip up in succession a moderate, then high climbing post.

Old Dynafit users do not like this system for two reasons. First, there is no obvious way to twist the heel mechanism with your ski pole. True, but you can overcome this by flipping up the high climbing post and sticking the tip of your pole in the side holes of this post to rotate it. However...if you're trying to force it open while your boot is still attached, you could shear the post off. So, you'll want to exit the binding to rotate it.

The next reason is because the heel piece rotates clockwise ONLY! Old habits die hard and some functionality is lost, but only for the few, the proud, the rando elite. For everyone else, the Radical offers a more intuitive, if slightly less versatile tech-system binding.

The other big change with the Radical is at the toe, where a pair of Power Towers, vertical struts in front of the pins, adds mass for strength and a post for butting up against for easier alignment with the tech fittings in a boot. The crampon slot has been improved with metal ribs on both sides for stronger retention.

The Radical comes as the FT with a nice baseplate under the toe with full support to the edges of the support wings plus a vibration absorbing baseplate and brakes. The ST drops the baseplate, but keeps the brakes, and the Race version is just the basic metal components, no brakes, no toeplate riser.

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Dynafit TLT Radical FT Bindings w/ 110mm Brakes

The renowned, lightweight tech-binding from Dynafit continues its evolution, and the TLT Radical FT Binding represents the latest in technology. The easy-in design of the Radicals toe piece makes the TLT binding beginner-friendly without compromising its legendary performance. The redesigned heel piece has three easy to use climbing modes and the 110 mm brake fits todays bigger skis. The FT includes a torsion plate that pushes the DIN setting to 12. If you have not used tech bindings before, the Dyanfit TLT Radical FT alpine touring binding will revolutionize your ski experience.

FeatureHigh Connection plate in pressed carbon for maximum torsional rigidity Shick absorber Extremely hard wearing (basically indestructible) toe-piece Maximum width (75mm) for broad-shovel skis Speed Step climbing bar
TitleDynafit TLT Radical FT Bindings w/ 110mm Brakes
Package Height2 inches
Package Length6 inches
Package Weight1.32 pounds
Package Width6 inches
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › XC, Tele, and AT Gear › Alpine Touring Bindings › Dynafit TLT Radical FT Bindings w/ 110mm Brakes