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Dragon Rogue Goggle

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Dragon Rogue Goggle

When Danny Davis and TJ Schiller spot their landings after three or four rotations over a huge table top, the Dragon Rogue Goggle ensures they see it and stick it. The optically correct, ionized lens gives your eyes the ability to see downhill so you can know what's ahead when you're spotting a landing in the park or mapping out a series of turns through a rock-studded chute.

Recommended UseSnowboarding, skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
Ventilation8 Top lens vents
Face SizeMedium
Frame MaterialPolyurethane
Polarized LensNo
Grip StrapElastic
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: White/Gold Ionized, Size: One Size722-2513634741642764
Color: TJ Shiller Signature/Ionized, Size: One Size722-2523634741642863
Color: Powder/Ionized, Size: One Size722-2507634741642702
Color: Powder/Blue Ionized, Size: One Size722-2508634741642719
Color: Nimbus/Ionized, Size: One Size722-2526634741642894
Color: Mythical Panther/Ionized, Size: One Size722-2521634741642849
Color: Liquid Tangerine/Red Ionized, Size: One Size722-2516634741642795
Color: Liquid Sky, Size: One Size722-2517634741642801
Color: Jet Stealth, Size: One Size722-2511634741642740
Color: Gradient Logo/Pink Ionized, Size: One Size722-2515634741642788
Color: Green Topaz, Size: One Size722-2518634741642818
Color: Gigi Ruff Signature, Size: One Size722-2524634741642870
Color: E.C.O.Powder/Jet, Size: One Size722-2510634741642733
Color: E.C.O. Coal/Jet, Size: One Size722-2505634741642689
Color: Danny Davis Signature/Ionized, Size: One Size722-2522634741642856
Color: Coal/Ionized, Size: One Size722-2502634741642658
Color: Coal/Blue Ionized, Size: One Size722-2503634741642665
Color: Block Teal-Moss/Ionized, Size: One Size722-2520634741642832
Color: Angle Melon-Teal/Red Ionized, Size: One Size722-2519634741642825