Dragon DX Goggle

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Dragon DX Goggle

Your wife left you and the kids went with her by choice. You lost your job. Even the dog has lost all respect for you. We may know what's happening. Do you ski in a helmet with sunglasses' Do yourself a favor'grab a pair of Dragon DX Goggles, move to another state, and never, ever go back. People at your home mountain have been laughing at you for years, but you can relocate and start over with a clear reputation. With the DX's timeless style and huge color selection, there's bound to be something you like. Double-layer foam with a microfleece liner coddles your face in cushy comfort, and Dragon's precision optics will have you spotting glasses/goggles-gapers from a quarter mile. Just think'that used to be you.

Recommended UseSnowboarding, skiing
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Helmet CompatibleYes
Eyeglass CompatibleNo
VentilationUni-directional air flow system
Face SizeMedium
Goggle Face Size
Goggle Ventilation
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Wolle Nyvelt Signature/Gold Ionized w/Bonus Amber Lens, Size: One Size722-2463634741642375
Color: Trans Matte Green/Jet, Size: One Size722-2451634741642252
Color: Trans Matte Blue/Jet, Size: One Size722-2452634741642269
Color: Strange Brew/Red Ionized w/Bonus Amber Lens, Size: One Size722-2457634741642313
Color: Red Iconlogo/Red Ion Amb, Size: One Size722-2456634741642306
Color: Powder/Blue Ionized, Size: One Size722-2447634741642214
Color: Powder/Pink Ionized, Size: One Size722-2448634741642221
Color: Pirates Co-Op/Ionized w/Bonus Amber Lens, Size: One Size722-2464634741642382
Color: Mythical Wizard/Ionized w/Bonus Amber Lens, Size: One Size722-2462634741642368
Color: Liquid Purple Haze/Blue Steel w/Bonus Amber Lens, Size: One Size722-2459634741642337
Color: Jet Stealth, Size: One Size722-2453634741642276
Color: Green Topaz, Size: One Size722-2458634741642320
Color: E.C.O. Powder/Jet w/Bonus Pink Ion Lens, Size: One Size722-2450634741642245
Color: E.C.O. Coal/Jet w/Bonus Pink Ion Lens, Size: One Size722-2445634741642191
Color: Coal/Amber, Size: One Size722-2441634741642153
Color: Coal/Blue Ionized, Size: One Size722-2442634741642160
Color: Block Yellow-Blue/Gold Ionized w/Bonus Amber Lens, Size: One Size722-2461634741642351