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Donner Ski Ranch Reviews

Positive Reviews


Old School


Pros: Honest, modest skiing for less

Cons: 750 feet vertical, I80 access

Remember when you parked right next to the lifts, bought your ticket and hit the slopes?  Donner Ski Ranch is still that way.  Non-pretentious skiing on the cheap.  True, DSR does not have detachables or extreme terrain, but thankfully they also do not have:   Condos Villages Traffic circles Shuttle buses Starbucks Ice skating rinks Swimming pools Boutique shops Climbing walls Fine Dining Luxury hotels "Preferred parking" Valets Corporate bean counting atmosphere Heated sidewalks Attitudes   DSR stays open "until the snow is gone", even if they have to load people in a truck, drive them to the summit to ski the remaining...
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Negative Reviews

Horrid resort.


Pros: Cheap

Cons: Low snow cover, hurricaine force winds at the top, icy, Microscopic runs

Oh, jeez it's cheap, that's good. But there's usually no snow at the top, freaking super-wind, No park to speak of, would not ski again. Good for beginners I guess.5

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I love this place


Pros: Laid Back, Friendly

Cons: Lack of long runs

I Love this place...since I learned about the backside.  If I wait behind one other person on the chairlift, its crowded.  Skiing on chair 2 and 3 is sweet and stashes throughout the trees are awesome.  I had season passes at a "major"resort last year and this year Donner is where I am skiing.