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Dodge Ridge Ski Area


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Pinecrest Chalet 


Offering cottages, cabins, or town homes.  1, 2 and 3 bedroom units available.  Ski and stay packages available.

Extra person charges may apply

 $110 and up

Pinecrest Lake Resort 


Offer deluxe motel rooms, cabins and town homes.  A restaurant is on site. 

Extra person charges may apply

$85 and up 

Darlene's Vacation Rental 


Twenty-five individual cabin homes throughout the Pinecrest area from Mi Wuk Village through Strawberry.

Extra person charges may apply 

$140 and up 




Creekside Café


Boulder Bar


North Fork Bistro


Local's Café




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Dodge Ridge Ski Area

If you love powder Dodge Ridge is the place to go. Displaying five terrain parks for all levels, from beginners to advanced, featuring it's 21-step "stairway to seven". Dodge Ridge covers over 800 acres. Easy to get to, Dodge Ridge is less than a 3-hour drive for most Central Valley and Bay Area Communities. There are many eateries that can be found mid-mountain and base area. Dodge Ridge fulfills everyone's needs whether you're a novice or expert shredder, or if you're just looking for a great family weekend get-away. Dodge Ridge is in that group of ski areas I would call the 'mid-majors'. Definitely not in the rank of the destination resorts, but big enough (832 acres) to provide interest with some unique advantages. Dodge Ridge is the closest resort to the SF Bay area. In addition, the resort is on the west slope of the Sierra - you don't drive over a high-elevation pass to get there. Drive times on Highway 120/108 are generally quite predictable, as opposed to I-80, I-50 or 88. Chain control is enforced during storms, but there are several 2-lane sections where passing is possible if you have 4WD. The general pattern of large storms in the Sierra plus the relatively mellow terrain of Dodge Ridge means the entire area will open after 1 or 2 decent storms. The 2010 season was a great example - bluebird powder days throughout late November with a 40" base (all lifts and trails open). All but Granite Bowl will open with a 30" base. Wind holds are rare since the bulk of the terrain is heavily forested. The entire area follows a single ridge line where the vast majority of runs face due north, with runs off of chair 7 pointing west. Tony Crocker's bestsnow.net site lists average snowfall at neighboring Bear Valley (7750') as 362 inches. Dodge Ridge is one valley south of Bear Valley, with a similar elevation range, so the snowfall number is likely consistent. Black runs at Dodge are analogous to steeper blue's at Squaw or Kirkwood, with a handful of pitches that would qualify as easier blacks at the steeper resorts. Granite Bowl is the only large open area - it's located on essentially a granite slab with huge boulders making for a wide variety of interesting run possibilities. Tree skiing is quite good, with well-spaced trees off of chair 7 and 8 (as well as scattered elsewhere throughout the area). Pitch on the steeper chairs is steep enough to allow for powder turns in all but the thickest powder. Dodge is a family-oriented resort and the ski school is quite popular. The placement of the lower, beginner lifts is sub-optimal, though - with a long, arduous walk to the bunny lift and no super-easy greens off of the other chairs. Unfortunately, the magic carpet lifts (which end at the base of the bunny chair 6) are limited to the ski school. However, once a beginner progresses off the easiest greens there is an excellent progression of intermediate terrain. As with all lower elevation Tahoe resorts rain and heavy snow are a concern. Timed right, Dodge Ridge can provide a healthy share of excellent powder days per season. Dumps that (literally) bury Kirkwood and make Squaw/Alpine inaccessible or limited can often make for perfect days at Dodge due to easier access and lower snowfall totals. The area is well groomed so skiing can be very enjoyable long into spring. For the 2011/2012 season Dodge expanded further along the ridge with a new T-bar lift. Future plans include a (much needed) high speed quad plus a replacement for chair 1. Base facilities are well developed, but no lodging is available onsite. Crowds can overwhelm the lifts over major holidays, but lift lines are otherwise short to nonexistent. Overall, Dodge Ridge is a great little resort for a family or beginner/intermediates, while giving Dads and Moms some fun terrain to play in while the kids are busy in ski school.

Snow making percent0
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Magic carpet2
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Rope tow1
Lifts-Surface Lifts-Poma
Lifts-Surface Lifts-T bar
Lifts-Surface Lifts-J bar
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Single
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Double5
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Triple2
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Quad1
Lifts-Chair Lifts-High speed quad
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Five person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Six person
Lifts-Chair Lifts-Eight person
Lifts-Coggle train
Lifts-Total number of lifts11
Lifts-Total lift capacity
Trails-4-Expert only
Trails-5-Terrain park3
Trails-6-Half pipe
Runs-Steepest run
Runs-Longest run2 miles
General-Base elevation6600'
General-Vertical drop1600'
General-Mountain range
General-Annual skier visits
General-Back country access
General-Total area in bounds832 acres
General-Snow making coverage
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC


Pros: great family place, great all around terrain, great price

Cons: snow is not quit as good as Bear Valley gets

This is a good little resort, plenty of hills for all types.  Little crowds, close to get to.  Only thing is for the same price and drive, Bear Valley gets more and better quality snow.  I still plan to go here at least once a season. 
Jer Nelson


Pros: NO lift lines EVER, powder, no crouds

Cons: SLOW lifts, lack of expert vertical terrain

I have been skiing at Dodge Ridge since i was 4 years old (I am 19 now). We had a Cabin near by so that was where my family skied. I have also skied just about every resort in Tahoe multiple times, and have had a few bad experiences. But i have never had a bad day at Dodge. The mountain has a very personal homely feeling. The people working the lifts are locals that have lived in the area their whole lives, and the food is great at both the bottom lodge and the midway grill (still the best cheeseburger i have ever had).
As for the terrain, its not squaw steep, but it's deep. The mountain is in this little pocket where the snow DUMPS. Because of the lack of crowds, you can ski powder all day long, come back the next day, and ski powder all day long. I have found stashes a week after the last snowfall in the tree runs. About the tree runs, Dodge has some pretty good ones. You just have to know where to look, like off to the side of the north ridge by the Flume. Their back bowl area is one of a kind. 3 long steep fingers lead up to it (the shots), at the bottom your in granite bowl which has plenty of cliff drops and steep steps for some backcountry style skiing.
The lifts are all the old style slow triple and double chairs, with the exception of the slow quad on the backside. But when you factor in the 20 minute lines at Heavenly and other places, you get to the top in the same time. The longest line i have ever seen at dodge was maybe 5 people in front of me. THat amounts to a lot of skiing in one day. I always end the day with the quicksilver run which is a nice big groomer that takes you from top to bottom, a pure speed run.
Another thing about Dodge is the weather capabilities. On days when the big Tahoe resorts are closed because of winds, Dodge's lifts are still running. The entire mountain is either in the trees, or in the back valley which is shielded from wind. I have driven up to the mountain in whiteout conditions, to arrive at the ski resort in a winter wonderland. The kind of day where you try to catch snowflakes in your mouth on the lifts. And the noob skiers dont go up on days like that. Imagine yourself skiing at a resort with noone else around, and fresh powder being dropped so when ur off the lift ur tracks r covered. Thats something you can only get at Dodge. It's magical.


Pros: Low key, friendly, Great place for the intermediate to advance skiier. Short lift lines. Inexpensive lift tickets.

Cons: Poor grooming, but that could be a plus. Slow lifts

While this resort lacks steep runs, its varied terrian makes it a fun place to ski. Plenty of tree skiing, ungroomed areas and the powder doesn't get skiied out by lunch as is the case in many resorts. Similar feeling resorts from my limited experience: Solitude, Homewood, Bear Valley CA. Almost the exact opposite of Deer Valley (and I mean that in a positive way).


Some would say that the grooming is subpar. They have this custom of grooming at the end of the day, so if it snows a foot overnight, the next morning you have to contend with a foot of fresh snow over the groomed run. Happens a lot. I guess skiing in a foot of fresh is not the end of the world. ;-)  Also during the week they only groom half of their runs, so once again, you have these ungroomed runs to deal with. I suppose there are worse things to contend with, so I make due.


The lifts are slow, but one never has a long wait to get on, even when the place is packed. Very competitve prices on gear.


All and all a good place.