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Developing Talent in Young People

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Pros: Revolutionary Educational Theory

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This book challenges many popular assumptions about talent, ability, and what it means to be "gifted." Bloom's study affirms his theory that talent alone is not enough to achieve extraordinary levels of achievement (in any field of human endeavor) without a long and intensive process of family encouragement, a nurturing environment, and dedicated training. Environmental factors are more important than genetic gifts, but the combination of genetic gifts plus appropriate environmental factors is ideal. Athletes who are gifted with innate talent, a nurturing environment, and great coaching will achieve greatness along the lines of Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, and Peyton Manning. 

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Developing Talent in Young People

Back in 1985, Benjamin Bloom, a professor of education at the University of Chicago, published a landmark book, Developing Talent in Young People, which examined the critical factors that contribute to talent. He took a deep retrospective look at the childhoods of 120 elite performers who had won international competitions or awards in fields ranging from music and the arts to mathematics and neurology. Surprisingly, Bloom’s work found no early indicators that could have predicted the virtuosos’ success. Subsequent research indicating that there is no correlation between IQ and expert performance in fields such as chess, music, sports, and medicine has borne out his findings. The only innate differences that turn out to be significant—and they matter primarily in sports—are height and body size. (From The Making of an Expert, Harvard Business Review, http://hbr.org/2007/07/the-making-of-an-expert/ar/1)

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