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DC Siloh Snowboard Boot - Men's

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DC Siloh Snowboard Boot - Men's

The Men s Siloh Snowboard Boot features DC s Rapid lacing system which lets you tighten the bottom and top of the boot separately with a single pull. This allows you to get everything dialed in seconds, so you can get to ripping. DC made the Siloh Boot with a medium flex to let you slay the park and rip up the rest of the mountain without running to the car between runs or compromising performance on the hill. This boot also comes with a sticky rubber sole and DC s pill pattern to help you stay upright when you re hiking across the slick parking lot.

Recommended UseAll-mountain, freestyle
Manufacturer Warranty1 Year
Material[Upper] synthetic; [Sole] rubber
Lacing SystemDC Rapid
FlexMedium (4/10 on DC's scale)
Removable LinerYes
Boot TypeLaces
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 9.5301918-1995019883324850618
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 14.0301918-1995028883324992714
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 11.0301918-1995022883324850519
Color: Black, Size: 8.5301918-000017883324850441
Color: Black, Size: 11.5301918-000023883324992677
Color: Black, Size: 11.0301918-000022883324850366
Color: Black, Size: 10.5301918-000021883324850359
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 9.0301918-1995018883324850601
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 10.5301918-1995021883324850502
Color: Black, Size: 8.0301918-000016883324850434
Color: Black, Size: 14.0301918-000028883324992684
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 7.5301918-1995015883324850571
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 10.0301918-1995020883324850496
Color: Black, Size: 15.0301918-000030883324992691
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 8.0301918-1995016883324850588
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 11.5301918-1995023883324992707
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 5.0301918-1995010883324850540
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 12.0301918-1995024883324850526
Color: Black, Size: 5.0301918-000010883324850397
Color: Black, Size: 9.0301918-000018883324850458
Color: Black, Size: 12.0301918-000024883324850373
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 6.0301918-1995012883324850557
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 8.5301918-1995017883324850595
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 15.0301918-1995030883324992721
Color: Black, Size: 6.0301918-000012883324850403
Color: Black, Size: 7.5301918-000015883324850427
Color: Black, Size: 7.0301918-000014883324850410
Color: Black, Size: 9.5301918-000019883324850465
Color: Black, Size: 13.0301918-000026883324850380
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 7.0301918-1995014883324850564
Color: Black, Size: 10.0301918-000020883324850342
Color: Oak/Cobblestone, Size: 13.0301918-1995026883324850533