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DC Mora Snowboard Boot - Women's

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DC Mora Snowboard Boot - Women's

As the most technologically advanced women s boot in the DC line, the Mora Snowboard Boot easily handles the steepest of the steep and the biggest drops you can picture yourself hucking. A BOA lacing system gets you locked in with a quick twist, and it lets you tighten the upper and lower separately for a precise, comfortable fit. The Mora Snowboard Boot even includes an Inflatable Air Bladder liner to completely eliminate pressure points and mold exactly to your foot.

Recommended UseBig-mountain, freeride
Manufacturer Warranty30 Days
Material[Upper] synthetic; [Sole] rubber
Lacing SystemBOA
FlexMedium (6 / 10 on DC's scale)
Removable LinerYes, inflatable
Boot TypeBoa
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Color: Black, Size: 10.0301911-000230883324852902
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 9.0301911-2299228883324853084
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 9.5301911-2299229883324853091
Color: Black, Size: 8.0301911-000226883324852957
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 5.0301911-2299220883324853022
Color: Black, Size: 9.5301911-000229883324852988
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 8.5301911-2057227883324853183
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 7.0301911-2299224883324853046
Color: Black, Size: 9.0301911-000228883324852971
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 7.0301911-2057224883324853152
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 8.0301911-2057226883324853176
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 9.0301911-2057228883324853190
Color: Black, Size: 6.0301911-000222883324852926
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 10.0301911-2299230883324853015
Color: Black, Size: 7.0301911-000224883324852933
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 5.0301911-2057220883324853138
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 6.0301911-2299222883324853039
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 8.0301911-2299226883324853060
Color: Black, Size: 7.5301911-000225883324852940
Color: Black, Size: 8.5301911-000227883324852964
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 8.5301911-2299227883324853077
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 6.0301911-2057222883324853145
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 7.5301911-2057225883324853169
Color: Black, Size: 5.0301911-000220883324852919
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 9.5301911-2057229883324853206
Color: Dark Espresso/Cobblestone, Size: 7.5301911-2299225883324853053
Color: WhiteArmor, Size: 10.0301911-2057230883324853121