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Dalbello Krypton Rampage Ski Boot


Pros: Very precise, grabs my narrow foot like a clamp, but still allows for toe wiggling, all day comfort without a second thought

Cons: Very precise

A great skier friend of mine has been working to convince me this season that new boots would take my skiing to a new level. Certainly, my 8 y/o Lange AC8s' liners are fully packed out, but I really hadn't noticed how my feet have been swimming in them until I started really paying attention. I had started talking up ski shop personnel, with an eye toward an end of season deal, and had been trending toward the Lange Banshee or Technica Dragon.  On a club trip out to Keystone 4 weeks ago I tried on the Rampages after the boot guy thought the 98mm last would be a good match for my narrow feet, steering me away from the wider Langes and Technicas, and even a Salomon he originally pointed to on the wall. I was immediately struck by the very tight fit and still how comfortable they were walking around the shop. I was extremely fortunate to just drop my street shoe orthotics into the boots and go rip.

My first run, on hard snow, was a little scary as they respond to every little wiggle in a way that I do not recall the Langes ever doing. It only took about three runs, however, for them to whip me into shape and by the second day, they seemed like old friends already. Clearly, my skiing has advanced in the last 8 years to where my body knows better what signals to send than the Langes can respond to (though, in fairness, the packed out liners certainly don't help). What particularly impresses me is the way the Rampages hold an edge through the entire turn once the edge is set. I believe that edge hold is what initially scared me as that makes for purely carved turns that must be completed to control speed; no more scarving to slow things down. They are a huge kick when deeply railing GS style turns on the groomers. Just don't get caught in the back seat!

I am writing this in the SLC airport waiting for some friends to arrive from back East, hugely looking forward to days 4-10 in these boots!

BTW, I'm 140# and have skied the boots so far with Volkl All Stars, 168 cm, Blizzard Supersonics, 167 cm, and Blizzard Titan Eos, 166 cm. The 80 flex seems right on for me, but I intend to try the stiffening inserts this week to see what happens.


Pros: Great fit for narrow feet!

Cons: None, really

Well, these are my first ski boots. I am 6'2", 205 lbs (without gear on) and they fit my very narrow, B-width foot better than any other boots on the rack. Hopefully they'll last a long time.


Pros: Very comfortable control; adjusts to all mountain use well; 12 hour hard skiing no problem (did I mention comfortable?!)

Cons: Buckel lockdown and release must be done in exact order

Not much to add: best all around mountain boot I have owned/skied in... its all about proper fit and comfort, especially when you ski hard all day from opening to closing four weeks in a row (I take off a month to ski each season). I tried on dozens of boots for two months before I sank into these. I have seen other boots with different, sometimes attractive options, but I am never distracted by my boots all day long (except to forget to readjust after the first runs!). I use one thin sock; only needed toe warmers on the harshest days. Best investment in equipment I ever made. I ski K2 Public Enemy's, Seth's and Hellbents in these at White Pass WA.
3-5-10 Update: Dalbello stepped up to the plate and sent me the latest liners and heel pads at no charge(one of the tounges pulled out of a liner): they were great to talk with and shipped them the same day I called from my dealer. LOVE these boots... and now the company too!
Dalbello Krypton Rampage Ski Boot

Buckle into the Dalbello Men's Krypton Rampage Alpine Ski Boot and take your aggression out on the mountain's terrain parks and hidden stashes. These freeride-specific boots take advanced and intermediate skiers wherever their jib-lust beckons. Dalbello's Cabrio design holds your foot in place like no other boot. The three-piece design provides smooth natural flex and the thermo-moldable Trufit Sport FR Custom liner adds another level of comfort and performance. The Rampage's Dynalink rearfoot tension design holds your heel in place, eliminating heel slop and nasty blisters while you hike the pipe or that rail that you can't quite nail. Stomp your heart out without the angry pins and needles thanks to the Krypton Rampage Boot's full-length anti-shock footbed.

Binding Compatibility
Flex Rating
Last (mm)
Liner Material
Micro Adjustable
Model Year
Number of Buckles
Recommended Level
Replaceable soles
Shell Material
Thermo-moldable Liner
Model Name/TypeMPNEAN/UPC
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 25.5dkram8cb-2558033009074880
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 29.5dkram8cb-2958033009074965
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 29.0801521-29
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 24.5dkram8cb-245
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 26.0dkram8cb-26
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 29.0dkram8cb-29
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 28.0801521-28
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 25.0dkram8cb-25
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 26.5dkram8cb-2658033009074903
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 25.5801521-25.5
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 23.0dkram8cb-23
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 25.0801521-25
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 26.0801521-26
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 29.5801521-29.5
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 27.0dkram8cb-27
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 23.5dkram8cb-235
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 28.0dkram8cb-28
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 27.0801521-27
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 23.0801521-23
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 26.5801521-26.5
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 24.5801521-24.5
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 24.0dkram8cb-24
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 27.5dkram8cb-2758033009074927
Style: dkram8cb, Color: Cement/Black, Size: 28.5dkram8cb-2858033009074941
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 24.0801521-24
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 23.5801521-23.5
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 28.5801521-28.5
Color: Cement/Military Green, Size: 27.5801521-27.5
EpicSki › Ski Equipment and Resorts  › Ski Gear › Alpine Ski Boots › Men's Alpine Ski Boots › Dalbello Krypton Rampage Ski Boot